Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TTC our first together is stressful

 Who would have thought having a baby would be so difficult? With all of my other pregnancies I just BAM got pregnant, but when you actually TRY and PLAN becomes more difficult.We are on cycle 4 right now. This time should be different, I temp everyday..and I have taken Soy Isoflavones along with B complex. Jon is taking the B Complex as well.
 HERE is my fertility friend chart if anyone is interested in keeping up with it :)

 I am currently on cycle day 11 of a 27 day cycle, I should be ovulating anytime now. ( come on body!! HURRY)! Momma wants an early Christmas present! I took 120 mg of soy on CD1, 120 on CD2, 160 on 3, 200 on CD 4 and 240 on CD 5 to give myself that extra boost to ovulate. I am also trying softcups this cycle as well. I ordered my pregnancy tests again this month. I am going to have another melt down if this month is another fail :(. i have had 4 babies, why is it so difficult this time?!
Im trying to stay positive this time around, but when you have a few months ( and some people have YEARS) of no success...your kinda expecting to start your period again the next month. We will see if santa is gonna bring us our present this cycle or not. :) A girl can dream right?



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