Sunday, February 5, 2012

The basics of a blogger button using Paintshop Pro x4!

 I love Paintshop Pro X4 ! My husband bought this program for me after my many months of re-installing the trial and such. This program is what I use to make my blog headers and such! SO with that said, I am going to do tutorials here and there for you! These tutorials will be in the form of screenshots with instructions and such. If you have any questions about one, just comment the post and I will get back to you asap. If you do not have a program you can download a FREE 30 day trial from Most Paintshop Pro's are alike so this trial should work with most of them. My screenshots will be watermarked. If you want to use my content please back-link to me! Do not use my pictures or copy and paste my content. All posts are copyrighted.
Today I will be showing you the basics of a blog button.
  • First you need open your program. It should look like this:
  • Go over to the left side and click file. Then click NEW.
  • Now it is going to have you put in sizes. Put in for the width 125 pixels and the height 125 pixels. If you are wondering why 125x125? It is because most bloggers that snag your button don't want huge bulky buttons. This is the standard size for buttons.
  • This is the step that you need to decide what color you want your background to be, since this is just a tutorial for a basic button, I will do a basic background. To fill the color you want, you need to go over to the left and click the paint bucket. Then on the right side you need to click the color of your choice. There should be a little dropper for you to choose.Click the color that you want, then click OK.
  • Now you need to fill your button. Click the paint bucket again then left click to fill the color.
  • Now we want to add text inside the button! Since this is a simple button, we will just do this simple! Go over to the left and click the T for your text.Then go back to the right and pick a color. You need to make the top one transparent by clicking THIS:
  • Now go up to the top and pick the font you want along with the size. 28 will do just fine if you do not plan on having many of words.
You can do this more than once till you get your text where you want it!After you click the check mark at the top when you type your text, you can move it around with your mouse by clicking the  pointer on the left then clicking the center of the font.
  • Now we want to make your text "POP" out! So go up to the top and click Selections then select all.
Now click FLOAT!
Now click selections again then go to modify then expand.
Make the number of pixels 2, then click OK!
  • Your button should look like this
  • Now go over to the top and click layers> new raster layer then click ok.
  • Now you need to go over to the right and arrange your layers. Click and drag the vector 1 to the top, promotional selection to the middle and the new raster that you created 3rd. It should look like mine below but with your background color and font.
  • Now be sure to click the Raster layer 2 that you created like I have above ^. Now lets go back to the paint bucket and click a color that you want behind your text. ( White looks good) Click ok and then fill the background. It should look like this:

  • Now go back up to the top and click selections again. Then click Select none.
Your button should still look the same but only there are no moving lines around it! :)
  • Go over to the right again and click that raster layer that you filled the background should already be clicked.
  • Go up to the top and click Effects>then over to 3D effects >then drop shadow.
Now be sure your Offset Vertical is 1 and the Horizontal is 1. You want your Attributes Opacity to be 50 and your blur 5.00 pick the color that you want..usually black is best. Click OK.

Now you have a button!! :D 
This is just a basic button, I will post more tutorials as time goes by on how to make your button prettier and such. Please do not hesitate to comment this post if you get confused or anything. :) Good luck and happy designing!


  1. I miss my paintshop :( when my computer crashed I lost it several years ago. I hope to be able to get it soon so I can create my own awesome headers and buttons. Gimp is just so much harder :(

  2. Beth Anne, you can download the free 30 day trial on no cc needed. :D

  3. Thanks for the info! If you have time, could you please tell me how to add your button to my blog? I know that you copy/paste but I don't know where to go on the dashboard/edit layout. Is it under "add gadget"? You seem like the person to ask! Thanks!

  4. This is really neat to learn step by step on how to make our own print! Thank you so much!

  5. I've been thinking of starting a blog.. this could really help me out with advertising for when I get around to it! Thank you for the tutorial!!


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