Sunday, March 4, 2012

There wont be much talking tomorrow.

 My daughter will be back home this next weekend. With that said, I need to take a day off the computer and CLEAN the house. I have to get her bedroom ready and everything. I plan on picking back up on Tuesday with my reviews that need to be posted. I have more than enough to get on here and posted by Friday. That is when we will be leaving. I have at least 5 giveaways that are going to be posted for my St. Patty's Day Giveaway event. That will be March 10-17th. For now on , Giveaways and reviews will be separate. Meaning that we will no longer have a review and giveaway in the same post. The only way it will be is if the sponsor requests it to be. Things you need to be looking forward to: Giveaways that include a wireless router, makeup, dried fruit, cash and more!  Thank you all for being amazing fans and readers!


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