Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unfriendly Neighbors and Hurtful People

 My husband and I usually stay to ourselves here at these apartments. HOWEVER we decided to try and make friends with some people. All has been well until NOW. WE were at my in laws celebrating our nephews birthday and my husband gets a call from someone that I will call J. J calls and tells my husband that our neighbor T stole a package that was delivered to my door, opened it..and threw what he didn't want in the dumpster. SO Jon and I come home to look at whats been done and call the cops. J comes down the stairs ranting and raving. I run up to T's apartment and knock on the door. NO answer.. T was not home. T has cameras up on their side of the apartments ( which I now think is a GREAT IDEA), The friendly cop (We will call him Mr. S) takes the info and calls to get T's #...They come home and Mr. S asks to view T's cameras..T let him.. GUESS WHAT? After viewing the footage.. J was the one who walked down to our apartment and STOLE it. We have him on camera doing it all. To make a long story short I am out 60$ and we are going to press charges Monday and get a warrant out for his arrest as well as a restraining order. All we have done is be good to these people and they screwed me over. My husband is livid and upset.
 He blamed T for it all when he was the one that did it. How about that? And oh yeah tonight he keeps calling my husband and his wife was outside raising hell saying that I AM A LIAR and I asked her to keep any packages that come to my door. OH hell no. If that was the case, why did J tell the cop that T did it??! HMM yep sounds like a LIE to me! They have 5 diff stories now and MONDAY come hell or high water, HE will be in JAIL or something has to be done. This is a complete violation of privacy and I am completely upset and fed up. Our apartment manager does not want to do anything when someone is complained about. This is not fair. WE don't feel safe in our own home and its not right! WE should not have to deal with this! This is not the only time this man has been in trouble ! There is more than one case against him now!T and J have an ongoing feud and we are now in the middle of it for nothing!! If this man does not get evicted I will take this to the local news. I googled J's name. He has more than one mug shot for theft and MORE! My husband and I had no clue these people were like this. We don't talk to people like this! :(! We are hurt more than anything.  What has to happen to get a neighbor with a criminal record that is causing trouble with not only us, but other neighbors too evicted!??  I am putting this story out there to prove that you cannot trust anyone!


  1. Wow, this is horrible! I would be furious too! Isn't that supposed to be a federal offense, opening someone's mail, or does the person have to actually go IN your mailbox?

  2. Bad! Your first mistake is to try and make friends with those that live close to you. My son and I have been used and abused by so called neighbor friends... We learned the hard way to only be cordial and never ever get involved with any of them.
    Take it to the news, good idea.
    But watch out or you might get evicted if the landlord gets mad about all of it.

  3. It's really bad when we can't trust our neighbors, I have great neighbors or I think that I do, this day and time, we just don't really know anybody. I know that times are hard, but I would starve before I would steal from someone. Those folks can't be having it any harder than my family is, me & my husband both have been out of work for over 2 years due to illness, fighting for what we worked so hard for, makes you wonder about the law & especially the government.


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