Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am feeling GREAT!

 I am trying out a new product ( well new to me!). It is called Fertibella. It will help us conceive. I actually feel great. I am on Cycle Day 6. I should ovulate in little over a week. WE will see about that. In the mean time..I will be going Tuesday to my orientation. I got a job. I will still be blogging but I felt like this is what I needed to do something for myself. My husband takes care of us to the best of his ability but I need this to get myself out of the house as well as help provide.
 I'll be going to get my nails done tomorrow. I have to buy shoes for work as well. ( YAY!).I guess I will post more tomorrow. I have a ton of things to do before I start working. :)


  1. congrats on all the great things happening in your life! Hope everything works out for you!

  2. Congrats on all the new things happening to you.

  3. Congrats, I've never heard of Fertibella before but it sounds interesting.


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