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Scentsationals #Review & #Giveaway

I love it when my apartment smells great! Scentsationals has allowed me to make that happen too!
I received 1 large warmer, 1 plug in warmer and 4 wax scents.!The wax is  awesome! I was luck enough to get Blue Water Spa, Coconut Sun, Fresh Baked Bread,and Crispy Apples. These products are awesome! The warmers have a lightbulb in it as well. That is what warms it up and makes the place smell great!! Below are some facts about Scentsationals.

    How long will a ScentSationals Fragrance Cube's fragrance last?
    The amount of time a fragrance lasts depends on several factors: The size, temperature and humidity of the room in which the wax is melting and your own personal biological sense of smell (how you personally perceive various scents plays an important roll in how long a scent seems to last to you). Each fragrance lasts a different amount of time; softer scents such as some florals and mints don't last as long as stronger scents such as those found in baked goods fragrances.
    What is the wattage on the light bulb the ScentSationals Warmers use?
    ScentSational Warmers use a small, candelabra-based 25 watt light bulb to generate enough heat to melt our low melting point wax fragrance cubes. These bulbs can be found in many stores where light bulbs are sold.
    Where can I purchase extra light bulbs?
    Any small, candelabra-based 25 watt bulb can be used in your ScentSationals Warmer. You can order these from our website by going to the Replacement Bulbs section..
    Are ScentSationals Warmers ETL listed?
    Yes, ScentSational Warmers are ETL listed, you can find the ETL sticker directly on the warmer and on the packaging the warmer comes in.
    How do I switch the scented wax in a ScentSationals Warmer?
    To recycle/re-use melted wax, simply remove the wax melting dish from the warmer and pour the wax into it's empty fragrance cube container. Otherwise discard the wax into a disposable container and wipe the dish clean with a paper towel, you are now ready to add a new fragrance cube.
    Can I mix fragrance cubes of different scents?
    Absolutely! It's similar to mixing two different flavors of jelly beans to create a whole new flavor. Simply choose your favorite ScentSationals fragrance cubes and put them into the warmer together, and viola! You have a fresh custom scent all your own.
    How hot does the wax get?
    The wax heats to just above body temperature. So while it feels warm to the touch, it will not burn you or your loved ones.
    How long can I leave my ScentSationals warmer operating?
    The ScentSationals warmer is a lamp with it's heat source being a 25 watt light bulb, so you can safely leave it on 24/7 if you choose.
    Where are these available?
    You can find ScentSationals Wickless Warmers and Fragrances in some Walmart Stores, all Hobby Lobby Stores and online at
    Old Fragrances Still Available?
    Just because it is currently discontinued doesn't mean we won't ever make it again. We make the most popular scents for our customers. Follow us on facebook and join our email group to get announcements on upcoming fragrances and warmer designs!
    Consulting/Sales Rep Opportunities?
    Our business model is retail and web sales only. We are focused on that and have no plans to use a direct sales approach. While we know it is fun and can be lucrative to host home parties or use other direct selling methods in promoting this type of product, they tend to add layers of cost. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for EVERYONE to be able to afford and enjoy the product at the lowest cost possible, even on a limited budget. We feel going direct to the low-priced mass retailers is the best way to do that.
    What is the difference between ScentSationals and other brands?
    One difference between ScentSationals decorative warmers and scented waxes and other brands is that we retail through some Walmart stores and all Hobby Lobby stores while other brands throw home parties, etc. But the best way to discover the difference is to try ScentSationals for yourself!
    You can view are large selection of beautiful wickless candles and highly scented wax cubes at:!
    Great tips:
• Turn your warmer on for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening to fill your home with your favorite fragrance. The scent will linger most of the day and conserve the fragrance in the wax so it lasts longer.
• Another great idea is to use timers to turn the warmers on and off, that way you always have a fragrant home or office without having to remember to turn the warmer on or off. Be sure to use timers that are properly rated for this appliance.
• You may use more than one cube in your warmer to add to the amount of fragrance released into the room. (our fragrances are strong enough that in most cases one cube will be perfect). Due to different sizes and capacities of fragrance trays in our warmers, we recommend starting by using one cube first, then adding more later as tray space and fragrance needs permit.
• Be careful not to over-fill your warmer, as you don't want wax to overflow onto your counter or furniture. Some fragrances can stain so be careful!
• Store your wax fragrance cubes in a cool dry place. Never leave them in a car or other warm location as the wax is designed to melt at low temperatures and could leak out of the container.

You can find more great tips and information on the website as well! Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter too! They hold contests on their blog as well!
BUY IT: You can find ScentSationals Wickless Warmers and Fragrances in some Walmart Stores, all Hobby Lobby Stores and online at
Win it!
1 reader will win these products! The sponsor has asked for specific entries so there will be 3 ways to enter! The giveaway ends  4/16 US ONLY. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to the winning email.

I was not paid in any form to review these products. All thoughts are my own.
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  1. I would love to try Coconut Sun...Sounds Yummy & Fun!

  2. Anything with coconut is perfection to me!

  3. I would try Crisp Apples, or Baked Bread first :).

  4. coconut sun I'd try
    sandy1955 at comcast dot net

  5. I would try coconut sun first because I love the smell of the tropics!! But they all sound GREAT to me! Hope to win!!

  6. I would most definitely try Coconut Sun first, sounds tropical! Hope to win!!

  7. Coconut Sun sounds smooth and delicious.

  8. I haven't tried the fresh baked bread yet, so that would be wonderful to get if i receive the gift. :)

  9. I would like to try Strawberry Lemonade. That would remind me of summer.

  10. Keliot1971@comcast.netApril 12, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    I would LOVE to win this prize pack! Coconut Sun sounds AWESOME!!

  11. I'd love to try the blue water spa!

  12. Coconut Sun

  13. Hey doll, when will the winners be announced for the Scentsationals giveaway?

  14. she was already emailed. she chose not to be on the rafflecopter form.

  15. I use the Scents throughtout my house. There is nothing more welcoming than a wonderful smelling home...I especially love Pumpkin or Sugar Cookie to keep us in good spirits just like during the holidays!

    Letty Gorecki

  16. I haven't tried Wickless candles yet, and wow they have a fresh bread scent?????????? That sounds interesting,I would love to try that one !! My favorite scents so far are Vanilla and cinnamon mmmmmmm :)

  17. These sound like amazing scents. I love my home to smell homey and fantastic. I will definitely have to give them a try or maybe win some. (lol)

  18. These sound awesome! I love the idea of wickless candles because i have small children. I will definatly have to try them.

  19. I just recently tried a product like this and I loved the way that it worked, it worked better than any of the plug in products that I buy in abundance. I will definitely stick with this.

    Thanks for the review!

  20. I am a huge fan of the other wickless candle company, but have been scared to try these for whatever reason. Great review though...might go ahead and try a bar sometime:)

  21. Thanks for the review. I love these. I just wish they were available in Canada.

  22. I have always enjoyed the aroma of burning scented candles. I've never had the opportunity to try a product like Scentsationals, but would love to! I love the idea that these can be used all day long without the worry of a fire like you may have with a candle. This product would also be perfect for someone with small children at home! Great review... thank you!

  23. Oh my gosh! I just bought some of the scented wax cubes and replacement bulbs from Walmart (for one of the 'home party brand' ones that I received as a gift) and LOVE both the smell and the prices!!


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