Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, My youngest son Connor!

2 years ago, I have birth to a SWEET and amazing baby boy. Connor was born 5.31.10 on memorial day at 2:17pm and was 3lb 9oz and 17 1/4 in long. He was 8 weeks early. Birthday My sweet baby boy Connor. Mommy Loves You! Below is my Birth Story.

Friday May 21,2010 I went to L&D that night because i was having bad diarreah with horrible contractions. we got there and Iwas in full blown labor and they immediately stopped it with shots and gave me a steroid shot in my ass so that Connors lungs could get a jump start on developing faster. They managed to stop labor and then they checked me I was 3cm 100% effaced. I went to sleep in the hospital bed and Dr Knight came in Saturday morning (may 22) and checked me again I was still 3cm 100%. she told me she wanted me to stay overnight because I needed one more steroid shot so that Connor would have a good chance of not needing oxygen IF he had came now. things were good. I wasn't having any more contractions, I ate my dinner and went pee came back to sit down and felt a pop and my water broke. I yelled for the nurse and she checked and sure enough it was my water. I called my ex husband and he came and they told me they were transporting me to UT medical center in Knoxville. That's when it got scary contractions came full force. they put me in the ambulance and grant drove there to meet me there. they got me up to triage and hooked me to monitors and checked me again and i was still a 3.
They then put me in a labor and delivery room and hooked me to magnesium sulfate. It stops contractions. they gave me my 2nd steroid shot that Sunday morning and then informed me that they wanted me to stay on the mag until Monday morning to give 24 hrs for the steroid shot to fully take effect. I went to sleep and the next thing I know there are lights and nurses and doctors everywhere. I stopped breathing in my sleep and the babies hr went down. they had me on oxygen and were listening to my chest and everything and as soon as i was stable they told me that the magnesium made my body toxic from being on it for so long.
after getting back to normal and such they took me over to be on bedrest in my own private room. they hooked me to more antibiotics because my water had been broken they wanted to prevent infection. they were giving me procardia every 3 hrs ( its a medicine to keep contractions from coming).
fast forward to Saturday. The following Saturday the 29th I started getting contractions again they checked me i was 5 cm. and sure enough they were not gonna stop it. i was having them 3 min apart for 14 hrs andI was still 5 cm after all of that. the contractions stopped to about 15 min apart. they took me back to my room that Sunday afternoon and about 5ish Monday morning ( memorial day) I was woken up to my water gushing and contractions full force. they checked me and i was 6cm. they took me to l&d and i was contracting 3-5 min apart. Connors hr was up to 180 with every contraction. they were looking at the fluid gushing out of me and it wasn't clear anymore.they told me that its sign of infection. they checked me and i had a temperature. My ex husband called me on the way home and I told him I didn't know what was going on. to come to the hospital then he could go home. the doc then comes in and tells me were gonna have a baby today and they are hooking me to pitocin to help labor progress faster.
grant got there and i was still a 6. they checked me an hr later and i was 7-8. by 1 I was 8-9 and then that's when things started going downhill. Connors hr was going down so low they said they may have to do an emergency c section. they were gonna give it a few more min and I guess little man heard them bc he straightened back up.
At 5 after 2 I was complete and they took us to the or to deliver bc Connor was premature and they had to take the precautions in case something went wrong. and in 3 pushes Connor was born. As soon as he came out he screamed so loud and was ready to tell us he was here! the next thing I know my ex husband was hugging me and then I blacked out. I was bleeding so bad they almost gave me blood. the doctor told me that i could have died. that was the 2nd time i could have died. the scariest thing in my life!
Connor was born 5.31.10 on memorial day at 2:17pm and was 3lb 9oz and 17 1/4 in long. He was 8 weeks early.
After recovering for 2 hrs they took me to see him. he was PERFECT! breathing on his own and everything.
I cannot believe 2 years has flown by like this.Connor was in the NICU for 6 long weeks. I brought him home the Monday after 4th of July.  I love my children so much. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!

The first time I met Connor in the NICU

When he came home!
This picture is my oldest three babies meeting Connor for the first time EVER. I will never forget this moment.


  1. Oh my he is precious! Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Aww Happy Birthday little guy :). They grow up so fast :D.

  3. so adorable, happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Connor! Super, super cute kiddos :-)

  5. So glad things turned out ok for you & the baby, my grandson is 3, when he was born, they said he had a heart murmur, in a few hours after he was born, they told us that he had trecology Flo (not spelled right) but he had 4 heart defects, they sent him to UVA and there they did heart surgery, putting a shunt in his heart, at 6 months they did a heart cath on him to see if his artery's were large enough to do open-heart surgery, when he was 9 months, they done the open heart surgery, today you would not ever think that little fellow went through so much, my husband had triple bypass almost two years ago, now Colter tells poppie that they both have the same scare.

  6. Doesn't it feel like it was yesterday! Our kids grow up so fast! I am glad that everything turned out for you! Your baby boy pictures are so cute! Thanks for sharing your story! I enjoyed reading it! Happy Birthday Connor!


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