Saturday, August 4, 2012


 I will probably get alot of crap from other bloggers for this but right now I don't care. I dislike blogger that trick their readers into clicking on things JUST to get that count or trick your readers to sign up for affiliate links just so you get the sign up credit. Why not be honest or how about put a disclaimer on your blog. You DO NOT have permission to use mine below but it is an example.
"*Disclaimer: Some posts may contain affiliate links and/or links to outside sites. By clicking on an affiliate link it is at NO cost to you and it helps me make my living. Review posts are my own opinions and I am not paid to review the products unless I state otherwise. Giveaways on this blog are under the discretion of the host of the giveaway, meaning I am not responsible for shipping unless notified as well.."
 It is not that hard. I get upset when I see a blogger say FREE ITEM PLUS FREE SHIPPING, then I see comments from the readers how its NOT TRUE and they signed up for nothing. If you are guilty of this, its wrong in so many ways. WHY NOT, be honest and ask for sign ups. YES, I know that you are trying to make a living from affiliate sign ups but when you lie about it, its shady. I think that I made my point and I hope that some of you that are doing this will think about it before you lose readers. I am making it known that some of the readers need to watch out for shady bloggers like this.


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