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Soy Candles and More!


  Have you heard of Soy Candles? Our premium soy bean wax candles and tart chunks are made from two types of American grown soybeans, with natural botanical oils added to give them vibrant colors and a creamy texture. Along with our soy soap, room sprays, and electric tart melters you are sure to find something to Satisfy your Senses!

Here are the fragrances available for our candles and tarts as well as our sprays, They can also be found in my SHOP.

-Almond Cherry: A luscious blend of nutty almonds and ripe cherries.

-Asian Fig: Tart Asian figs with a raspberry, amber, and magnolia background.

-Aspen Winter: Exhilarating blast of frosty mint and crisp pine trees.

-Baby Snuggles: Clean powdery aroma of cuddling with your little one.

-Banana Nut Bread: Fresh baked bread with banana slices, chopped nuts, and ginger.

-Berrylicious: Explosion of blueberries, strawberries, and cherries.

-Black Raspberry Vanilla: Sun sweetened dark raspberries warmed with a luscious

-Black Tie Affair: Sophisticated masculine fragrance of musk, iris, and lavender.

-Blueberry Cobbler: Freshly baked blueberry cobbler straight from the oven.

-Bubblegum: Bazooka, Double Bubble, need we say more.

-Café Latte: Aromatic fragrance of fresh brewed coffee with a sweet nutty twist.

-Carrot Cake: Lightly spiced carrot cake topped with a rich cream cheese topping.

-Cashmere: A warm, herbal musky fragrance of sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli,
with top notes of mandarin and lime to create a sophisticated blend.

-Cinna-Nilla: Classic scent of spicy cinnamon sticks and warm vanilla beans.

-Cinnamon & Clove Bud: Intoxicating swirl of cinnamon and clove bud.

-Cinnamon Buns: Warm cinnamon buns drizzled with sticky white frosting.

-Coconut Creme Pie: Decadent mouth watering crème pie fragrance.

-Coconut Lime: A luscious blend of coconut and tangy lime.

-Cranberry Chutney: A very edible cranberry chutney accord with subtle hints of
grape, spice, and vanilla.

-Creamy Caramel: Creamy, buttery, gooey caramel.

-Crème Brulee: Rich vanilla custard with the right touch of caramelized sugar on top.

-Cucumber Melon: A combination of crisp cucumber and sweet green melon

-Dickens Christmas: A fruity spicy cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg swirl; sure to
enhance the Spirit of Christmas.

-Double Dutch Chocolate: Loaded with twice as much rich dark chocolate.

-Enchanted Lilac: A profusion of lilac blooms in the sweet summer breeze.

-English Ivy: Like taking a walk through an English garden - very clean smelling

-Eucalyptus & Mint: Invigorating blend of two powerful aromatherapy scents

-Fall Harvest: An enticing mix of spiced pumpkin, cinnamon, and the flavors of Fall

-Flower Shoppe: The floral bouquet scent when you walk into the flower shop

-French Pear: The sweet fragrance of a juicy tree-ripened pear

-Gardenia Blossom: Floral fragrance of gardenia blossoms

-Green Tea Chai: Bitter sweet combination of green tea leaves with hints of spice.

-Havana: An earthy rich teak wood scent with an exotic elegance.

-Hawaiian Escape: Fruity & floral medley of creamy vanilla, sweet coconut, peony, &
hibiscus. A true Hawaiian escape.

-Hot Apple Pie: Warm, bakery aroma of a fresh from the oven spicy apple pie.

-Indonesian Teak: Relaxing oriental fragrance of teakwood, amber, sandalwood, and

-Jamaican Nights: A tropical fruity blend - straight from the islands.

-Jelly Bean Jubilee: A playful burst of fragrance from the bean shaped Easter

-Just Peachy: Creamy nectar of sun-ripened juicy peaches.

-Lavender Spearmint: Invigorating combo of herbal lavender and cool spearmint.

-Leather: True leather that smells like the inside of a saddle shop.

-Lemongrass Verbena: A herbal twist of refreshing lemongrass and tangy verbena.

-Lime Basil: A nice balance of floral green and fruity notes with a hint of musk.

-Mango Papaya: A juicy combination of tangy and sweet are found in this tropical
smelling fragrance

-Mediterranean Waters: Refreshing scent of the warm sea breeze blowing.

-Merlot: The unmistakable bouquet of a fine red wine.

-Moon Petals: A delicious blend of delicate florals with just a hint of apples as a

-Mulberry: Invigorating aroma of sweet, tangy mulberries.

-Night Blooming Jasmine: These small, white, night blooming flowers produce an
intoxicatingly romantic fragrance.

-North Woods: Wood, twigs, and leaves blend to make this northern pine fragrance.

-Oak Moss & Clary Sage: Heavy green floral with musky earthy sage.

-Oatmeal Milk & Honey: This blend of natural ingredients has been popularized in
lotion and soap - now available in candles.

-Ocean Breeze: Crisp salty air blowing in to meet the dunes on a warm summer night.

-Oh So Happy: A hint of citrus, a wealth of flowers, and a mix of emotions in this
popular perfume fragrance.

-Peach Magnolia Raspberry: A rich blend of succulent peaches, magnolia blossoms,
and sweet raspberries.

-Pina Colada: Pineapple and coconut blend to make this refreshing tropical cocktail.

-Pumpkin Spice: Rich warm creamy pumpkin with cinnamon and spices.

-Rose Bouquet: Romantic blend of fresh picked red roses enhanced with jasmine
blossom and whispers of cyclamen.

-Sandalwood: Earthy bouquet of cedarwood, amber, and musk.

-Sangria: Spanish punch made with red wine, fruits, and a touch of ginger.

-Sparkling Citrus: Juicy medley of grapefruit, tangerine, and kumquat.

-Strawberry Pomegranate: A smooth blend of strawberries & cream with a powerful
pomegranate punch.

-Sugar Cookie: Sweet sugary aroma of a freshly baked batch of cookies.

-Sugar Kisses: A light girly fragrance of berries, lemon drops, whiter amber and
pink cotton candy.

-Sunwashed Linen: Crisp, clean, and fresh smell of a newly washed load of laundry
hung out to dry.

-Sweet Snow: A soft mint and vanilla fusion.

-Tempting Tulips: Capturing the essence of brightly blooming tulips on a crisp dewy

-Totally Irresistible: Strong woodsy masculine fragrance that is "totally

-Vanilla Extract: A vanilla so strong and lush, you can almost taste it.

-White Nectarine & Pink Coral: An enchanting and soothing mix of florals and
citrus fruits

 I sell a variety of products that I think you will love! I am going to share them with YOU!

-14oz Elegant Spa Candle w/black metal lid.
Comes in White Only ( Comes in a variety of scents) [SHOP NOW]

-Room and travel sprays.
1 oz Travel Spray $4.95/ 4oz Room Spray $7.95
One or two sprays will fill an entire room. ( Comes in a variety of scents) [SHOP NOW]

Our tarts are made with the same process as our candles with superior melting time and scent throw. Order from our expansive line of fragrances or create your own by mixing two or more of our delicious flavors. 

For instance, Café Latte/Vanilla
= Vanilla Coffee Bean.
Tart Chunk (3 oz) ~ $4.25
Tart Cube (7 oz) ~ $7.95
Tart Block (11 oz) ~ $11.25

We carry these in a variety of scents.  [SHOP NOW]


-Silouhette candles are made from two types of American grown soybeans, with natural botanicals and oils to give them vibrant color and texture.

4oz comes in a black box ($6.95)
12 oz comes with a glass lid and is ($12.95)
20 oz comes with a glass lid and is (20.95)
We carry these in a variety of scents. [SHOP NOW]

-Balsa Wood Candles are made from soy waxes and natural botaniclal oils.The wooden wick crackles as it burns. You can buy this 14 oz Tumbler for $14.95. You can also find this candle in a variety of scents. [SHOP NOW]

-Wood Wix Candles- Each 10 oz candle is made from recycled glass and a natural wood wick and a blend of soy wax. Candles come in standard colors and packaged in a gloss black box. You can also pick this candle in any scent that you want. ($13.95)[ SHOP NOW]

- NEW Melter Gems - ($16.95)
ALL NEW Melter Gems!!!! A ring in every package!
Worth $10 - $50 - $100 - $500 or even $1000

Melter Gems are crystals that have been colored and infused with high quality fragrance oil. You place about 1/4 cup in a Glazed or Glass top melter/warmer. They release fragrance much faster than waiting for wax to melt. Within just minutes your entire home will be filled with your favorite fragrance.Available in sixteen (16) fragrances! Available in sixteen (16) fragrances!
Almond Cherry,Buttery Pecan,Cucumber Melon,Gardenia Blossom,Hot Apple Pie,Lavender,Moon Petals,Ocean Breeze,Pina Colada,Pineapple Mango,Pixie Promise,Sparkling Citrus,Sugar Kisses,Sunwashed Linen,Totally Irresistible,Vanilla Extract. [SHOP NOW]


-Soy Soap ~ ($5.95)
Our handmade Soy Soap is manufactured with a cold process technique that has been used for homemade soap for over 100 years. Unlike the turn of the centuries soap makers we use Soybean Oil, Olive Oil and Palm Oil to make these luxurious bars of soap. For a soft, fresh clean, that doesn’t leave a “heavy” feeling, then our soy soaps are for you! Take a moment and check out the ingredients in most soap bars on the market, you will see why our natural soap bars are the way to go!
Please go to my store to view the scents  [SHOP NOW]



-Tulip Array ($16.95)
14 oz Tulip-shaped candle containers in organza bags. Comes in a variety of fun floral fragrances. Scents can be found in my store. [SHOP NOW]


-New Country Kitchen Collection
10 oz. old fashioned mason jars with rustic metal lids. They are available in our 12 best selling kitchen fragrances.

Please go to my store to view the available fragrances. [SHOP NOW]

To view more amazing products please take a moment and go to my SHOP and visit my site.

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