Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 Things That Make me: Excited

I wanted to do something different for you all. This will be called : 5 Things That Make Me ___________.

Basically every week I will have a post up and I will have 1 word to fill in the blank, then you tell everyone 5 things that relate to that word. This weeks word is Excited. Tell me 5 things that make you excited this week!

Here are mine:
5 Things that make me excited are:
- My oldest daughter turns 6 on Thursday.
- I have new giveaways coming up this week.
- My husband starts his new job on Sunday.
- I hit a milestone on Facebook Again!
- Our 1 year Wedding Anniversary is less than two months away.

Your Turn!


  1. Hmmm - The 5 things that make me excited are:
    1. Something awesome for dinner. (Simple - but I get tired of the same ol' stuff.)
    2. My birthday coming up in 3 weeks that I forgot about.
    3. My kids hitting milestones - I think they both had a growth spurt last week.
    4. Getting great sponsors on my blog.
    5. Getting to sleep in. LOL

  2. Huh you wouldn't think something so simple would be tough to answer.

    1. Turkey Hill Butter Pecan ice cream.
    2. Controlling my sever mood swings.
    3. Working as many hours as I plan & not less.
    4. Seeing my mom & her partner.
    5. Vanilla Walnut & PB Truffle Fudge (from Candy Kitchen).

  3. 5 things that make me excited are
    1. When I cook something that my kids cannot get enough of.
    2. My husband coming home from a long day at work.
    3. Just started blogging this month and couldn't be happier.
    4. Just started sewing a week ago!
    5. Rainy days that my husband is off so we can all cuddle as a family.


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