Monday, September 10, 2012

Diamond Candles are 50% off!

Ready to embrace the romance of autumn's falling cherry blossoms? sneakpeeq is giving you this unique Sakura Bliss Necklace ($70 value) FOR FREE just for joining! Autumn cherry blossoms are one of nature's most unique creations, so make autumn your time to shine with one of fall's greatest visual delights. Get your Sakura Bliss Necklace today, and make sure you stand out in a crowd! (Please note: there now is a s&h charge on Free items)

One of sneakpeeq's best sellers is going fast! sneakpeeq is giving you a chance to find a $5000 diamond! Every DIAMOND CANDLE holds a hidden ring, some made of rubies, sapphires, or DIAMONDS. Each ring is worth between $10 and $5,000. For only $12 with your NEW MEMBER $10 CREDIT, you'll win your very own GEM at a 50% discount from the $25 retail price. This is a sneakpeeq favorite, so grab one before we sell out! 

Check it out here

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  1. Oh, my goodness I just saw this post, and think that it is great! I love diamond candles and to get them for 50% off is awesome!


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