Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FREE Razors & FREE Shipping MUST SEE

Free Razor handle and up to 4 cartridges FREE!!

For a limited time, Dollar Shave Club is offering a FREE month, which means you can score a razor handle with up to 4 cartridges and s&h included for the low price of FREE. There are three razors to choose from too!  Just make your selection then enter code: D12S4C12 at checkout and it won’t cost you a penny. 
 I chose the 4X because the site says this is great for males and females! :) My husband and I can use it but change out the blades when we do.
I just signed up!

 Sign Up Today!

The Razors:
The Executive
What do you get the bathroom sink that has everything? The Executive. This blade is muy successful. Muy sexy. Weighty, substantial handle delivers the ultimate compliment to the man who understands. And the shave is so buttery, it feels like you’re carving turns through a virgin Wyoming snowfall.
The 4X (what I have)
This is your new razor. And it’s also your girlfriend’s new razor. Or your boyfriend’s. You see, the 4X is also known as the Lover’s Blade. It was designed to satisfy the harshest critics of both genders, so you can share your subscription with someone you care about (or someone who’s been stealing your blades). It’s equally good for the face, legs, armpits, or anything else.
The Humble Twin
The Humble Twin keeps it simple. It wields nothing but truth. It’s like your old high school gym, before the class of ‘62 alumni donated $1 million and rebuilt it into modern coliseum. Wasn’t it better back then? Whatever. If you’re a twin blade guy, then this is the business. And maaan is it cheap!
This is a monthly subscription service you WILL need to enter CC info but so you will need cancel as soon as your razor arrives unless you want to be billed for the next shipment. You can use a prepaid card that has at least $1.00 on it if you wish!
Here is how to cancel:
Log into your account, click Membership Settings, and choose Cancel My Account. Easy as pie!

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  1. I saw this posted today and I was not able to look at it until tonight! I think that this is a very good deal and I am going to try to get some free razors. Anytime I can get razors free fro my family, I am going to do it! Thanks for this post!


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