Saturday, September 29, 2012

Having Fun With Chipper

 My Yorkie Chipper is the sweetest dog. He even sits and lets me dress him up. LOL I wanted to share a few pictures with everyone in hopes that you get a good laugh just like my husband and I did.
Do you dress your animals up? Mine looks so silly but he knows we love him. Tell me in the comments below what your pet will be for Halloween this year. =]


  1. I think your dog is so cute! Chipper is such a doll! My dog is a basset hound and he also lets me dress him up! My dog Biggles will be a tiger for Halloween! He has the outfit and ears to go with it! He looks so cute and funny!

  2. that Yoda costume is awesome. I need to get one for Oscar.

  3. Chipper is quite the handsome little guy, isn't he?! :) I love the pics! My little girl, Sissie, a Shih Tzu, is just going to be herself this Halloween, like she is every Halloween! She seems to be very popular with ALL the little Trick or Treaters just as she is, which is loveable and very friendly! I think that they find her to be a real treat when they come to our door. Here's an idea for you, I think you should create some greeting cards with images of Chipper on them for the various holidays! Something to think he's quite the ham it appears.

  4. LOL, so cute! I do dress my cats up sometimes, they're too funny. Last year I dressed my cat Luna in a Halloween dress with a crossskull and polka dots.

    -Miranda M


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