Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Small Things' Monday Blog Hop!


Welcome to Monday Hop! Hosted by: The Small Things Feel free to read about the hop and jump right in!

1. Post our Blog Hop Button (below) somewhere on your blog (in a post or sidebar). DO NOT CHANGE the blog URL in the button!


2  Add the name of your blog and the link of your blog to the linky, on Monday/ Tuesday, Hop around and visit all of the blogs that are on the linky and comment one of their posts or enter a giveaway. Try to visit the second page of their blog. Let them know that you are there from the hop!  .

3. If you want to add this hop to your blog, you must keep all links on the html INTACT. Email me and I will send you the code.

The hop will happen every Monday :) Happy Hopping everyone!I hope to make this as successful as I possibly can!


  1. Thanks for the Monday Hop! :) I look forward to checking you out and just signed up for your emails! :)


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