Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Month Trying {TTC Related}

 I forgot to share with everyone that we are "out" again this month. I thought we were pregnant last month because I was actually "late" for once.  And by late, I mean 5 days. My period used to be 28 days but for some reason last year went to 24 days and has been that way for a while now. This month it went to 28 days so I am thinking maybe my body is finally trying to get back to normal again. I am really confused as to why it is the way that it is. I guess we will continue to try and have a baby and if it does not happen, it does not happen. SO frustrating. Please do not tell me that it will happen when it is supposed to...I am honestly sick of hearing it after so many months of letdowns. Thank you for reading. =]
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  1. No I wont tell you it will happen when it happens- just keep trying... relax as much as you can.Some people just take a bit longer and when it does happen it will be worth all the wait!


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