Thursday, October 11, 2012

Does he/she know your password(s)?

Another discussion that I have seen lately would be about your significant other and your passwords to online sites, email and social media. Some would say giving up your passwords to everything would be a complete invasion of privacy and others say that they do not mind because they have nothing to hide.I personally am one of those that almost uses the same password for everything so my husband knows all of it anyways. I have nothing to hide but he respects my privacy too. I have seen women fight about this subject as lame as it sounds. Some say their husbands are controlling if they ask, others say they do not mind.

Does your significant other know your passwords? Would you give them all up if he/she asked? Tell me.

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  1. I think that there should be complete sharing of each others passwords with your partner it is okay to let them know your passwords! There should be nothing to hide in a relationship. But you are not going to believe what happened to my sister! My sister's husband propositioned (via Facebook)ga her last year for you know what! He keeps his password a secret. My sister and I have not told my sister about this. That is why I think that couples should share their passwords to keep this from happening!


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