Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October ALREADY? I decorated!

 Where has the year gone? October is already here. Fall is here and the leaves are changing.  I have to say that alot of things have happened this year. Marrying my best friend is one of them. Trying to have a baby..ah! Jon getting a new job. Maybe we will end the year with a baby. Who knows. I am happy and that is all that matters. Halloween is almost here too.  Time to decorate for both Halloween and Fall. I have already went all out on the outside of our apartment. I did this a few days ago.
Spiders OH MY!! LOL I put spider web all over the swing by the front door too. Bloody hands on the window and lights on the window. I have to make a fall wreath soon so that I can sport my DIY Pinterest finds. AH! I am excited for Halloween!

What part of fall are you the most excited about?


  1. I love Halloween decorations! With the kids grown and the grands in another town, In mostly don't get to do it anymore :( I'll be visiting them near the end of October and have already started looking for spooky crafts to do

  2. I love how you decorated the bench. Love the whole look.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  3. Awesome decorating for Halloween! I already decorated the outside of my house, and I already decorated the inside of my house with awesome Halloween pumpkins that light up and my spider web and with colored lights all through the living room!

  4. Those are awesome decorations! I can't believe it's October either and I'm so excited for this month!! I can't wait for Halloween :)

  5. love the decorations! I'm excited about dressing up. :)

  6. i just wish i had the time and energy to decorate. i admire and envy people who do. makes me jealous. waaah.


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