Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Big CIRC Debate

 I have seen this debate online for several years now. Ladies that are pregnant with boys often ask if they should circumcise their son or not! Some leave the answer up to the father. ( I did). Neonatal circumcision is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the United States. I am asking YOU what you would tell a new mother if she asked YOU what she should do? What kind of advice would you give her? This can be a debate as well, just keep it clean and do not bash others for their decisions. I am looking forward to reading answers. I was browsing a 'mom' forum tonight and someone asked this question, I figured that I would give it a go with you all.


  1. I did circumcise my two boys their father was and I was told its cleaner and such so i did. But I have since been educated on the other side and might consider not doing it and letting him decide. It goes both ways in my book.

  2. Personally, I'd rather leave the choice up to the kid. If he grows up and decides he wants to get circumcised as an adult, he can get it done anytime. It's not something that can be UNDONE, though!


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