Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update on me

I am still here in the hospital. I should be going home by the weekend. I am finally allowed to eat. That is a plus. On the bad side, the nurse that was here yesterday was a total ass. :( Excuse my language but I have never been treated so horribly in my life. I was throwing up over and over again and she took my arm in the middle of throwing up and MADE me sit in the wheelchair. I was in my bed with the puke bucket. I told her I cannot leave right now and she insisted my CT needed done when it COULD HAVE waited. I can't wait for my husband to call who ever is in charge and tell them.

We waited 12 hours to get the results back for the other doctor to tell us it was the same as the night before. HOW RUDE!?! He said he did not even need to come in our room but he did a courtesy check. Well, TELL US the results and do not make me wait all day then. :(! I do have a BAG infection and my body is rejecting the antibiotics. They are changing that today. Apparently I have so many white blood cell as well as icky stuff. My left side still hurts. I am nauseated and blah. I just really want to go home ASAP. Jon has to get his pins out of his hand today and I cannot even be there with him for that. This sucks.

On the good side, when I do get released I will be drinking more water and no pop. Starbucks on occasion but I realize that drinking pop all the time does not help my kidneys at all. I do get to start Nutrisystem this month. Maybe this will help too. I will update more as I know what is going on!


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