Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Personalized Ornament Creations BY ME!

I have been working on a few things! I wanted to share with all of you~ =] I am making them to sell too!! Read the post for details!
This ornament is not for sale but I can make a Snowman ornament of your liking. Email me to discuss rates on this one.

Tennessee Vols for my Father In Law. I can do any team! Starting at $12 plus $3 Shipping. This is a male version of the snowman. Please Refer to the female version a few pics down for the male version.

Nephew- I can do any name or Team and do a female or male version. This starts at $12 plus $3 Shipping.

Ole Miss for my Mother In Law- I can do any team. This is a female version. $12 plus $3 Shipping.
Pet Ornament. $10 with $3 Shipping. Can add any photo of 1 animal.

Family Ornament. Can add up to 4 people. Customize to your liking! $14 plus $3 Shipping.
If you want to purchase a custom ornament please email me at and we can work something out! I can do clear ornaments OR frosted. I do take PAYPAL only. =] Ornaments will be started on within 24 hours of payment. Ornaments can be customized completely to your liking. Email Me to talk about it!


  1. And how much are you charging? I like the name one with the little boy

  2. Stacie, Email me and we can work something out! =]


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