Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do you have a teething baby?

 Teething can be the worst experience for not only a baby, but the parents and everyone around you too. Sleepless nights and cranky kid(s) are not really how I would like to spend my days. I do know that I like to do whatever I can to soothe my kids when this situation arises. I remember the restless days. Soon, I will be going through it again! With the help of humphreys teething we will work through it. I love natural products and I know when using them that there is a lower risk of something happening to one of the little ones. What do you do for your kids when they are teething?

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  1. My son is teething..poor thing. He is miserable. I found this really cool mesh thing with a put frozen fruit in it and they can chew and suck on it. It really helps with his teeth. Kinda messy if you use berries, frozen grapes work really well.


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