Friday, December 14, 2012

My Doctors Appointment!

I went to my first appt, first they said it was to turned into a first OB, the doc said they did it because my pregnancy test was so positive and by my last AF and cycle days I am almost  5 weeks. They did an exam and all that and pap, and told me my BP is high :( they took it 3 times and want me to be on meds for it. Sooo I have to to go to the pharmacy and get Blood pressure meds, zozfran and my prenatal. My ultrasound is Jan 3rd!!! I will be far along enough to see a bitty baby and not a blob =] I can't wait! It seems more real now!!!!!! Just a small update =] I will have my official due date when I have my ultrasound.

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  1. WOW! Congrats on your new baby, and getting your first check-up! I pray for your pregnancy to go well! I wonder if the baby is a boy or girl. Well you should know soon enough! Thanks for keeping your fans updated! And I wonder if you are tired, or having morning sickness?


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