Monday, December 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Flowers

It might only come around once a year, but for people in love, Valentine’s Day is an occasion well worth celebrating. Back in the 5th Century when Valentine was designated as the patron saint of lovers, for well over 1,500 years, husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends have celebrated February 14th by giving each other gifts as tokens of their love for each other. Even today, there is a little bit of debate over what makes the perfect Valentine’s present.
Perhaps the best thing you could buy your partner next time Valentine’s Day comes around is a bunch of Interflora Valentines flowers. Presented perfectly, freshly cut and arranged beautifully, flowers are great for most occasions, but their romantic connotations make them better for this day than any other. There are a number of different flower types that are worth considering for a great Valentine’s gift.

Roses from Interflora are at the top of the list of great romantic flowers. There’s nothing better than giving or receiving a bouquet of fresh red roses, as they symbolise love and passion more than any other species of flower. However, there are a number of other plants that can also work well as gifts, especially if you want to surprise the love of your life by buying something a little different from the norm.

A bouquet of white lilies can work just as well, especially if they’re presented in the right way – upright and tightly bound in a pretty wrapper. Carnations, tulips and orchids also make great Valentine’s floral gifts, but once you’ve chosen the flowers you think will make the best present, you will want to present them in the best possible way. Giving them to your lover first thing in the morning as they wake up or after a nice celebratory meal are just two ideas of what to do.


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