Friday, January 25, 2013

Early Bird Gets The Worm!

Eh, Not literally. BUT you know what I mean.. LOL I have been up since 5AM and its now almost 8 AM as I type this. SO FAR morning sickness HAS NOT hit. BUT I know that I am speaking too soon. It will hit before I know it. Anyways..I am sitting here watching A Baby Story. I can't wait to hold a little baby in my arms again. I have been thinking that I need to get a breast pump. I know they are expensive so I am hoping to get to review one.
I know that I am rambling but there really isn't anything else to talk about this early in the morning. I think I will go stuff my face with more banana nut muffins. That sounds good right about  now. =]

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  1. Hi! I've been checking back to see who won your New Years bash giveaway! Who was the winner?


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