Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Brown Is A ?

ITS A GIRL! ITS A GIRL!!! OMG IT IS A GIRL! Jon and I did not tell ANYONE when our gender ultrasound was. It was this morning. We went and the little booger was kicking like crazy! Even with the Acrania turning into the Anencephaly, she is HEALTHY and measuring right on! They want to deliver my by 37 weeks. That would put me the end of July. This is because of the excess fluid that I will put on and it is a high risk pregnancy. The name will be Aubrey Elizabeth!!!!!! We will be scheduling an elective 3D ultrasound for sometime in May!

After the appointment with my doctor and such we went to print off the pics to show off. We also went to party city and got a few things to reveal to the inlaws. Jon had the idea of getting a BLUE giftbag with paper and filling it with some pink things. They would think it is a boy but when they open it, they would be surprised! We didn't want to get to expensive and over the top so we found a few small cute things and put them into two bags. I haven't really seen this on a gender reveal before. Maybe I can start a new trend? I have to say everyone was caught off guard!
My next appointment is in two weeks. I will keep everyone updated as time goes. Have a great day!

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  1. You and Jon definitely made us think it was a boy! I was absolutely shocked when I opened the bag and saw all the pink things inside. Y'all had us fooled for sure!! I'll never forget it. I'm so proud of you and Jon. We are here for you 24/7. Dale and I love you both and we love our grand daughter too!!!


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