Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Pregnancy Must Haves!

I honestly have to say that my pregnancy must haves, have been simple this pregnancy. Some women demand or need a ton of things when they are pregnant. I have been easy to please this go around. My list is simple!
  • My Body Pillow- UGH! I need my body pillow for various reasons. Well..I have a belly now and it helps for support. Not only do I wrap my legs around it but it makes me sleep better!
  • Panty Liners- YES! Those dreaded things are a must have because I pee on myself! HAHAHAH! When I sneeze, it is game over! It is much easier to chance a liner than going through every pair of undies that you have.
  • Zofran & Sprite- My nausea has unfortunately stuck with me the entire time with this pregnancy.  It only makes things more realistic but I have to say in order to function I need them both. My husband hands me a zofran and sprite every day and if not every day, it is at least every other day. It depends on how deathly that I feel!!
  • Sports Bra- YES PLEASE! I have to have a sports bra when I am pregnant. Who wants to put their throbbing, hurting and itchy boobs into a tight padded bra when they are hormonal and hurting? NOT ME!
  • CORN ON THE COB- YES! This is my only craving that has stuck with me since day 1! I love love love boiling corn on the cob and slapping a slab of butter on it with corn. MMMM Why is this on my must have list? Because if you don't give it to me when I am craving it, I turn into a grizzly bear! 
  • Boy Shorts- I am sorry husband. I do not want to squeeze my bloated big butt into a thong when I have a belly. Who wants to pick a thong out of their butt all the time when they are pregnant anyway? They are comfortable!!!
See? My must haves for ME are simple. I don't think they are too much to ask. Things may change as I get further along but I really doubt it. Who knows, maybe it will be a total different list in a future pregnancy.

What are YOUR pregnancy MUST HAVES!??! Tell me in the comments below!


  1. I love this post. You also need a MIL who loves you very much!!! And, I do!

  2. I love wearing sports bras when pregnant. With my last pregnancy my boobs hurt soooo bad that i needed a sports bra to hold them in but this pregnancy i'm just lazy and don't feel like messing with a "real" bra so sports bra makes it so much easier. another must have for me is three lollies. wish i would've known about them with my first two because it could've helped a lot


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