Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chick-fil-A New Salads & Wraps Giveaway & #FreshMade Blog App

 Forget about yesterday, today is #FreshMade! Each day we have a choice, a choice to do the same old routine or do something unique and different.  What have you wanted to do for a long time? 2013 is almost halfway over and it’s time to do something new. It’s time to grow, it’s time to make your dreams a reality.  Chick-fil-A is helping you make today #FreshMade, by creating new menu options that you can feel good about! They are introducing 3 new premium salads and an improved wrap all under 430 calories made with premium ingredients.  
Take your taste buds to greener pastures.
Check out the new Chick-fil-A #FreshMade Blog App! Reasons you are going to love this app: 
Are You A “Starter”? Quiz - Some of us wake up with pep in our step, ready to conquer the world. Others might need a little kick in the behind to inject something new into their lives! Find out if you’re already raring to to go or need a little help getting the good time rolling!
•    #FreshMade Activities - Select your mood and let quotes and images from film express how you’re feeling.
•    See How We Start Fresh - Behind-the-scenes - Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the new Chick-fil-A salads are #FreshMade just for you!

One winner is going to score a (2) coupon pack of #FreshMade Salad Coupons!
Giveaway ends on 5/22/13 Must live in the US and winner will have 24 hours to reply to winning email Enter with the Giveaway tools form below and goodluck!  The first entry IS mandatory. completing ALL entries will increase your odds!( GIVEAWAY CLOSED Form has been removed)

*The Small Things is not responsible for shipment. PartnersHub / Chick-fil-A are providing these coupons for my readers. I was not paid to make host this giveaway*


  1. I got a 9. I am a "go with the flow starter"


  2. i am a champion-livivua

  3. I got a 10- A Go With The Flow Starter.

  4. 11pts - I am a go with the flow starter.

    kris_1492 at yahoo (dot) com

  5. I got 10 points...a Go with the flow starter

  6. I only have 10 points, I am a go with the flow starter.

  7. I'm a go with the flow starter

  8. I am a go with the flow starter

  9. I'm a go with the flow starter!

  10. Hehe, I got 1 point!! That makes me 'The So-So Starter'...I might eventually get up 1/2hr early (with lots of prodding, but don't expect a smile!).


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