Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nailed It -Or -Failed It? ( fishtail Braid)

I thought that I would feature several blogs a few times a week for my nail art. I am going to try and recreate the nail art that they have done. I will call this "Nailed It- Or- Failed It?"
This week I found a tutorial on Lucy's Stash!   Not only does Lucy do nail art but she has an amazing blog and layout that is simple and great to search her content.
Lucy has a "Fishtail Braid Nail Art Tutorial" that I completely fell in love with. Not only is this tutorial super easy but its really cute too!
photo credit to
I decided to grab three colors that I liked and give it a go. Not only did I try it once, but I did two different versions! I tried to come as close as I could to Lucy's colors. And in the second one, I used some Orly polish that I scored today.

My honest opinion- I NAILED IT. I am in love and surprised at how easy that it was! I know they could use some cleaning up but I was excited to share what I had done! Thank you for sharing your tutorial with everyone Lucy!
Don't forget! Check out Lucy's blog by clicking her picture or going to the link above in the post.


  1. That's nice and thank you very much for the mention x

  2. That looks pretty easy...just have to wait a few between stripes to dry.


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