Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tutorial- How To Do The Water Marbling Nails- BUT Without The Water! =)

I recently ventured out and wanted to try water marble nails..and did not turn out so well! IT WAS MESSY! As you can see it was a headache to clean off of my nails and I will never try it again!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- serious!
I wanted to try something different. This is too much. Some people can do it but to me, it is not worth the why not do something similar?  Now for this you need the following items in the picture.

  • Polishes you want to create your design with
  • Ziplock Bag ( Cut one side out)
  • Scissors
  • toothpick
  • optional dotting tool ( OR end of bobby pin)
For this all you do is cut one side of your ziplock bag ( make it big enough to cover all of your nails) and then dump some polish and add it thick onto the bag. ( I am not sure if saran wrap will work but you can try).
 Keep Adding colors!
 Add more! This is all that I will add.
 Now grab the dotting tool or end of a bobby pin.
 Run it through the massive amount of polish and make the designs that you want on your nails.
 IMPORTANT: MUST LET DRY SEVERAL HOURS!!!! It will get ruined if you do not.
Now after it all dries, take your toothpick or nail and peel carefully enough to cover one nail.
 Add it onto your nail and grab your dotting tool or bobby pin and form it to your nail. You can take the toothpick to cut around the nail and remove excess polish.

 Clean it up and this is the end result! How cute is this??

I added a clear coat to it as well. You can make cute designs like this and create your own nail art or decals! This is a fast mani and cute idea. Be sure to email me your results so that I can feature them in a future post!! Email your pic and contact info :
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  1. How cool...... you have the best ideas! <3 them

  2. Wow, that is cool! And probably a lot easier than the first way you tried...heck, I could probably even manage to do this one

  3. I too tried the water marble look and it was a mess! Never again. This is a great idea. I have a question though. How did you get the dried nailpolish to stick to your finger nail?


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