Monday, June 24, 2013

Negative pregnancy test after trying? Read This!

 Stages of a Negative Pregnancy Test
  • Hopeful and Anxious!- You are so sure you got pregnant this cycle and you are positive that you will see two pink lines on the test! Oh! That twitchy feeling? or boobs sore? I have to be pregnant!! you feed into every pain and every little feeling.
  • Denial sucks big time!- The test looks negative but you hold it to the light, squint and think you see a line! oohhh I think I see something..maybe it is faint. Throw the test away and walk out of the room..go back and get the test out and look again. I am still convinced I am pregnant. This test is only negative because I did not use first morning pee. Maybe that drink before testing diluted my urine?
  • You are MAD and ANGRY!- It IS negative. You are angry trying to figure it all did everything right! You tried during your fertile window! AH What is WRONG WITH ME??
  • You bargain with everything!- You hit google..why? because maybe you tested too early. hmm if I give up drinking caffeine completely will that help? Maybe I should go buy a better brand of test. ( In the back of your head you know you are not pregnant)
  • You are Depressed!- Reality smacks you in the face and it is the day before your period and you have No pregnancy symptoms and you have symptoms of an oncoming period. 
  • Accepting It!!!- Your period is here and you finally accept that you are not pregnant. Here is to next cycle!
 I know this sounds somewhat humorous but I know many women that have these same feelings when they are trying to have a baby. I know that all of us that have went through more than one cycle with negative tests have these very same feelings. It hurts and many of us DO cry ourselves to sleep about it.
Can you relate to any or all of these? You can comment anonymous if you want!


  1. I hated that feeling!! However, nothing beats that feeling of finally getting that BFP!! Sheer pleasure and happiness!! And then fear, lol and then back to ubber happy again!

  2. Still waiting on my "planned" BFP. I know it will come, but it still sucks. Ya know what is the worst for me? AF being WEEKS, not days late, but freaking WEEKS, and you spent a small fortune on test all for them to come out negative. You have all the pregnancy symptoms, then BAM the hag rears her ugly face :(

  3. God, I remember those days of swearing up and down that I was...and then I'd have my period...that torture went on for 7 long years.


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