Monday, June 17, 2013

Smurfs and Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

Starting on 7/1 and leading into the release of Smurfs 2, in theaters on 7/31, participating Menchie's frozen yogurt shops are being taken over by the lovable Smurfs and are being renamed "Smenchie's!" 

In celebration, Sony/Menchie's created a cute video of the Smurfs at the Menchie's factory in Southern California, stirring up this limited-edition Smurfberry Blast flavor. Please check it out below!
In addition to this new flavor, participating “Smenchie’s” nationwide will also have special toppings, including chocolate Smurfettes, Smurfberry gummies and Smurfy sprinkles!  Plus it will come in a special mushroom-capped reusable cup that your kids (and you!) will love. 

Find a location near you today because you will love it! There is one not far from me, I can't wait to try the new flavors!


  1. Thanks for the great share! I was not aware that another Smurf movie was being released. I used to collect Smurfs (before kids) and I still LOVE them! :)

  2. I would love it...unfortunately since it is blue and not green I'd be limited to only getting it when kiddo is with my mom...darn 3 year old 'tude!

  3. I absolutely love the smurfs I still collect them and I am 42


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