Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spoiler Alert! Are you ruining your food?

I found this on Pinterest and HAD to share. I did not know half of the things on this list and it is pretty awesome and handy to have! You can even print it out and tape it to the inside of your cabinet. Which spoiler alert surprises you the most?
 For me it would be bread. I had NO clue that I could freeze my bread and keep it fresh! HA! Now I know! If you find this post as informative as I do, "like" it or share with your friends. =) 

* If anyone knows the original owner our the source to this please contact me so that I can give the proper credit.*

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  1. I didn't realize that cookies, and eggs lasted so long! But then again, I didn't realize that Parmesan cheese, and cake had such a short life.
    I really like these, I had to save them to my photos so I would have them.


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