Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative (Neons Week 1)

Recently I joined a group on Facebook for nail challenges. Being that I have a new found love for nail art I thought this would be awesome to do! More about it: Members of the group participate in Monthly Theme Challenges and post 4 designs a month based on the chosen theme.
Pretty neat right?? Well this months theme is NEONS! I thought that was pretty sweet seeing as I love neon colors and this is my first challenge to participate in! 
For this weeks neon theme I chose to use the following items.

 I chose to use my dotting tools, some nail jewels, Pure Ice White, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails (800 Crystal Clear), L.A Colors black ( Art Deco brush), 5 random Playboy brand neon polishes, and a Glitter KISS nail art pen.
I racked my brain trying to figure out what to do! I wanted something unique for this design so this is what I came up with! I love flowers and I decided to try something different on each one.

 As you can tell I didnt use many of the jewels but what I did use is very subtle and I like the way that I placed them on the designs.
Overall, I think that I did a great job. I love feedback from my readers and It would be amazing if you all gave me your opinions on the designs for these challenges that I post! 
I can't wait to do another design for next weeks post! Remember, I will be posting 4 different designs a month. Feeling creative? If you want to participate and BE ACTIVE, click the banner in the beginning of my post to join and challenge yourself. 
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  1. Man, I just would not have the patience to wait for it to dry so I could do more, especially if you add in a newish dog and a 3 year old kid


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