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Fertility Prize Pack Giveaway And Conception Tips!

I know that trying to conceive a baby can be hard for some couples. Some people think that is a walk in the park and some can sneeze and get pregnant.  Planning to have a baby is more than just doing the deed. I had no clue there were so many ways to increase male fertility. When we first start trying, we usually focus on ourselves and forget that men play a factor too! If you are trying to conceive, please read this post and enter this awesome giveaway!   
Preparing to have a baby should be a labor of love for the father-to-be, as well as for the mom-to-be. In fact, experts agree the best gift a man can give his future son or daughter is preparing for conception.  And why not, the man is 50 percent responsible for making a healthy baby! Basic sperm formation takes over two months, and it can take an additional two to three weeks before they are available for fertilization* “That is why it’s so important to give at least 90 days to prepare for pregnancy,” says Ogle.  “What a man eats, how he exercises and what he’s exposed to in the environment during those ninety days can all affect sperm health.”  Below are some easy-to-achieve, yet important and helpful tips to help men to optimize sperm health when preparing for pregnancy:
1. Feed the Swimmers: “Make healthy food choices a top priority,” says Ogle, who is also a registered dietitian. “Eat a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy oils and protein sources, including seafood and meats or vegetarian alternatives.  And pay particular attention to foods rich in nutrients such as zinc, selenium, vitamins E and C, and folic acid to optimize sperm health,” adds Ogle. 
2. Support Sperm Health: Too little is known about supplements to routinely recommend them to all men who want to father a child.  However, on an individual basis, it may be helpful to review with one’s physician the potential benefits of taking a supplement such as ProXeed® Plus for three to six months prior to trying to conceive*.  And ask important questions such as whether the ingredients are in dosages that have been safely tested in clinical trials. With the use of ProXeed® Plus, taken twice a day, changes in sperm quality may occur in as little as 90 days*. However, for maximum benefit it is recommended that ProXeed® Plus be taken for six months prior to trying to conceive (TTC)*. 
3. Get Moving: Research shows that 20-30 minutes of cardio and physical activity per day can yield a load of health benefits for men prepping for pregnancy. “Exercise can help lower inflammation, manage weight and lower stress, all of which boost fertility,” says Ogle.  
4. Give Up the Vices: Smoking, heavy drinking, drugs, excessive caffeine, and fatty foods (especially trans fats) can all lead to poor sperm health. Ogle suggests familiarizing oneself with acceptable serving sizes of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages well before and while trying to conceive; as with many of the preconception recommendations, they differ from those for women. 
5. Keep Cool: Sperm are produced in the testes at slightly below body temperature, so turning up the heat can slow things down. Enjoy a warm or hot shower, but avoid lounging in the sauna or Jacuzzi. “Also be aware of other causes of excessive heat in the groin area, such as excessive body weight and long uninterrupted hours of sitting,” says Ogle. 
6. Limit Exposure: Consider that your work environment may contribute to fertility problems, so use proper safety precautions. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health reports that careless exposure to things like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, lead, nickel, mercury, chromium, petrochemicals and radiation can lower sperm count.  
7. What’s Up Doc?: When preparing to conceive, men should schedule a doctor’s appointment and discuss their medical history, as well as any current medications or conditions. To help start the prepping for pregnancy conversation with a healthcare provider, consider filling out a detailed medical checklist like the one on  and sharing it with the doctor. 
8. All Systems a Go: Even once a man is in tip-top shape and ready to make a baby,  keep in mind that marathon love-making might actually delay conception for some couples.  As long as the couple is making love three to four times a week, spread out over several days during the woman’s fertile window, the chances will be ideal for success. 
ProXeed® Plus, a clinically-supported nutritional supplement developed to help optimize the health and quality of sperm*, and preconception wellness expert/exercise physiologist Amy Ogle, M.S., R.D.,  co-author of Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception (Revised Edition) are here to help YOU achieve getting pregnant!! 
What is ProXeed® Plus? 
ProXeed®Plus is a clinically supported nutritional supplement proven useful in optimizing a man’s overall sperm health and proven to play a role in sperm performance by aiding in the improvement of four of the five factors that contribute to sperm quality: count, concentration,motility and speed.1-4Taken twice a day, ProXeed Plus is a fruit flavored powder that easily mixes into juice or other beverages. Initial results may be seen in as few as two months of taking ProXeed Plus as directed, however, it is recommended to allow six months for optimal results.
ProXeed Plus is available for purchase via phone or online for $125.00 for a one-month supply, two boxes containing 30 packets each. For more information or to place an order, visit or call 1-888-Proxeed (776-9333).

 You can purchase Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception (2nd Ed.) (Revised Edition) on Amazon for $17 or Kindle Edition for $15.99.
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  1. I knew about most of the tips.

  2. I knew about most of these tips from trying with my daughter. We tried for just over a year before she was conceived. I'm actually pregnant again right now, but I am entering for a friend that has been trying to conceive for a very long time.

  3. Good tips. If only my hubs didn't work in a 150 degree factory. Love this giveaway!

    1. TTC for 3 years and two months and I did know many of the tips but there were a couple I had forgotten.

  4. I knew about some of the tips

  5. I have been doing TONS of research, so new most of the info. Haven't heard of Proxeed before though, looks good!

  6. I did know about a few of the tips but not all of them. We have been trying for about a year and a half.

  7. I've had no problem conceiving, but my sister and her husband have been having a little trouble and I would love to win this for them!

  8. Yes I did know a lot of the tips. And we have a son and have been trying for about 3 years to conceive a little brother or sister for him but haven't had much luck. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago.

  9. Been tryinng found out last week its all pointless :(


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