Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get crafty with Room on the Broom

Since I posted about the Room on the Broom DVD and book giveaway check out a few other ways that you can have fun during Family Fun Month! Enjoy the fun-filled activities available for FREE for download at NCircle Entertainment’s activity site,, including a coloring page featuring all of the endearing characters from the film; the “find the…” challenge that incorporates counting skills; templates for creating your own Room on the Broom finger puppets; and the elements for creating your very own magical wand! There’s also a word search puzzle and a dizzying maze to navigate. There are more activities on their website too! 
And now for even more family fun!  Get a jump-start on Halloween this August by creating a witches costume with your child.  Most people have the basics they need right at home, except for the broom, which you may have to purchase:
To make the witches magic wand:

To make a witches hat, you will need: Construction paper, Scissors, Pencil, Ruler, String, Glue, Compass, Stapler, Things to decorate your hat with: glitter, craft foam, felt sheet, etc.

 Note:  Kids 8 years and younger should use child-safe scissors and Keep the stapler out of young children's reach.See complete details here:

To make a costume:You can create the costume using a black top, skirt and tights, or even a black trash bag!  Cut out the head hole and arms, then try on the bag for size to see how much of the bag to cut.  Cut the bottom of the trash bag off in zig zags or v-shapes. The part of the bag that was cut off can be used for the belt, or use some rope.  Add black plastic over any pair of shoes! 
For the broom: Use any old broom you have at home, or check out how to make these fun mini-brooms:
Need more Family Fun Ideas for the month of August?  Here are just a few:
  • August 9 is Book Lovers Day 
Bring the family together and find a shady tree to sit outside and enjoy reading books together, including Room on the Broom.  Reading is educational, informative and relaxing and sharing a love of reading with your family and friends makes everyone smarter, too.  
  • August 23 is Ride the Wind Day
No broom is required as you can catch a ride on a gentle summer breeze by flying a kite, riding a bike, standing on a hill or just driving in the car with the windows down! 
  • August 26 is National Dog Day
Where would our witch be without the help of a dog?  This day, organized by the National Dog Day Foundation, honors dogs everywhere for all that they do for us – love, companionship, protection, service, safety and so much more.  Get your kids involved by playing a little longer with your family pooch, by volunteering at your local animal shelter, donating unwanted blankets to Operation Blankets of Love or by making a family donation to one of the many worthy animal rescue groups.     
  • August 27 is Just Because Day
As the final days of summer get swept into the early days of Fall, this holiday gives us all a chance to do something special “just because.”  Replicate the kindness of the witch and the helpfulness of the dog, bird and frog.  Open your heart as the cat ultimately did—and before you know it… iggety, ziggety, zaggety, zoom … you’ll be falling in love with Room on the Broom!
Which family fun day do you plan to try and have fun on?
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Check out Room on the Broom DVD and Book! If you are seeing this post before 8/6- Enter the giveaway too!


  1. I need to try and do 'Just Because Day' because we do the others daily as it is ;)

  2. We would celebrate Book Lovers day!

  3. Any would be awesome but the just because day we do all the time.

  4. August 9 is Book Lovers Day because my whole family is in love with books!!! that was my 2 yr olds first word!

  5. I would love to fly a kite, I haven't done that in years.

  6. I think we should celebrate National Dog day by giving back to the rescue where we got our beautiful dog a few years ago!

  7. Ihink my girls and I will celebrate book lovers day.

  8. I would try out the Ride the wind day with my kids!

  9. I plan on donating some old blankets to the shelter on this day! August 26 is National Dog Day

  10. My friends nickname is a witch, these would be so funny to make for her!

  11. I am very late for the day, but my niece loves her Room on a Broom books. I would like the wand craft!


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