Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Beanbags Review

I have never heard of a babies bean bag for before. I was browsing online a while ago and wanted to find something convenient for me to use for the little one that I babysit. My neighbor has the sweetest newborn and Baby Beanbags made it possible to make my sitting experience with him convenient and easy.  
Baby Beanbags is an Australian baby products company headquartered in Sydney. Founded by Pediatric Nurse, Rachael Brown the company’s mission is to delight parents and children with high quality, innovative products and outstanding customer service.
When I pitched for a review, I was so stoked be cause this product is so unique! The Baby Beanbags are simple to use. They are pre-filled and there is a strap on the back to carry it anywhere you go. Each bean bag comes with two covers, one with a harness and one without for your child to grow into it and use as a bean bag chair when they are toddlers.
Acid reflux is also reduced because Baby Beanbags allow you to increase the elevation of your child by moving the filling to the back of the beanbag during and after feeding. This is a major plus for me! I was lucky enough to be able to receive a Creme Caramel Baby Beanbag. My beanbag came pre-filled and with the two covers. 
I put the little one on the beanbag and strapped him in his harness. It comes with adjustable straps so you can adjust as they grow too.
He was very content and happy with it. I could tell. Now I just wish he could tell me what he was thinking. Not crying when I laid him down let me know that it was prefect. 

Not only does the Baby Beanbag help prevent acid reflux like I mentioned above, it also has a few other benefits as well. 
  • It helps prevent flat head! Baby Beanbag microbeans provide support by moulding to your baby's head without causing the pressure of other surfaces which can contribute to Flat Head Syndrome. 
  • This product gets years of use and is also safe. The zipper cannot be opened without a paperclip! No worries about little beads getting in your child's mouth! 
  • It is portable because of the strap on the back of it. The shoulder strap makes it easy to take the beanbag anywhere with free hands; something especially useful for the PVC Beanbags since they can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy To Clean- Baby Beanbags are durable and easy to clean. Both covers have a waterproof underside for any little accidents, are hand and machine washable and the PVC beanbags can be wiped clean with a cloth.
  • And it is Flexible! The Beanbag's seat covers are available in a variety of colours to suit your tastes, which means you can change the style and prolong the beanbag's life.
Overall, I am thrilled with the product that I received. Little Norman is happy as well. It is so unique and a great addition to his babystuff. This allows me to be able to put him in it, in almost every room. Not to mention it is so soft and comfortable. It makes nap times easy! In addition to selling them on the Baby Beanbags website, they have a variety of websites that sell these as well. Check them out and see for yourself. I received mine from! They offer FREE shipping in the USA! If you decide to buy with them, you can get 10% off on their website right now! Enter Code: BEANBAG. You can purchase your own Baby Beanbag WITH Beads for $149.99 or without for $89.99. Be sure to view the variety of colors. They do have a ton to choose from. Check out Baby Beanbags on their social media to stay up to date with their products!
Disclaimer: The Small Things received a complementary Baby Beanbag for review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others. I have full permission from little Normans mother to post pictures on The Small Things.


  1. What a cute idea I hadn't heard of a baby bean bag before either. I will have to keep this in mind for a shower gift since I won't be having any more babies of my own.

  2. this is so cute! although I think my son is too fat for this !:) lol he's a big boy....


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