Monday, August 19, 2013

Slow Week! - Birthdays and more.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a heads up this week is going to be a slow one. Today is my sons 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy Aiden Lucas! It seems like yesterday my water broke at home and I had a 6lb 9 oz babyboy!
 This next weekend is going to be a rough one. I am trying to make plans for something for JUST my husband and myself to do on Aubrey's due date on Saturday. I would love any input. I will not be releasing balloons because that is going to be saved for her Birthday/Angelversary. =)
Next week I will have some amazing giveaways coming up for you all! Please keep an eye out for them! I have some reviews scheduled to go live as well. 
 Thank you for reading!!! =)

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  1. One idea is to take a walk in a peaceful park or by the water if you have any by you. Remember that your little angel is in a peaceful place now.


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