Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Princess Twins of Legendale DVD Giveaway

I shared with you all about The Princess Twins of Legendale DVD coming out on DVD Tuesday, check it out here and you can also download a cute activity sheet! 
Enter an unforgettable world of adventure full of princesses and fairies when The Princess Twins of Legendale arrives on DVD exclusively available at Target as well as on Digital Download and Video on Demand August 20 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. In the magical land of Legendale, two brave sisters must come together to reunite two worlds separated by an evil enchantment. Highlighted by music from award-winning songwriter, producer, singer and former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi and featuring spectacular CGI animation, the world of Legendale comes to life in this movie adventure perfect for the whole family! Find the magic of The Princess Twins of Legendale exclusively at Target locations nationwide for the suggested retail price of $14.98.
Meet the characters of this cute princess tale! 
Princess Eve and Princess Dawn
  Princess Eve and Dawn are the daughters of King Solter and Queen Luna.  Separated at birth by an evil sorceress, and never knowing of the other's existence, the two sisters set out on adventure to discover their past.
 Cammie & Kylo
 From the Day World, Cammie is Princess Dawn's best friend. With her pet dragon by her side, Cammie is spunky and and full life.From the night world, Kylo is a hopeless romantic always there for Eve to brighten her day. He is mischievous and caring, and atop his flying horse he is always there to save the day. 
King Solter
King of the Day World and father to Dawn and Eve, King Solter is a loving father sheltering Eve from the tragic event that took her mother sister. 
Queen Dume
Dume is the evil Queen of the Night World. Jealous of King Solter and Luna - she kidnapped Princess Eve when she was just a baby. Raising Eve as a servant, Dume awaits the day when she can take over and rule the Day World. 
Now that you have learned more about the characters, how about a giveaway for The Princess Twins of Legendale DVD? This giveaway will run for two weeks! Giveaway ends 8/24. Winner must live in the Continental US and be 18 years of age, Anon entries DO NOT count. Enter with the giveaway tools below- Goodluck! 

* The Small Things is not responsible for shipment of the prize. The sponsor is shipping direct.*


  1. Cammie because of her pet dragon and I plan on giving this to my daughter.

  2. I like the princesses because of their bravery and sense of adventure. I plan on keeping this for my daughter.

  3. Princess Eve stands out. It will be a gift to my niece.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  4. I'd say Princess Eve, because she reminds me of my niece. I'd love to win this to give her for her October birthday. Thanks!

  5. I say Princess Eve stands out-I will keep for my daughter if I am lucky enough to win.

  6. I think Cammie and that adorable dragon would be so fun! I would keep it for my 3 daughters,they would love it!

  7. My daughter just saw this trailer and totally freaked out! I would love to win it for her :) Princess Dawn stands out to me the most, I love her coloring and the way it looks in contrast to her sister.

  8. Cammie, Princess Dawn's best friend. With her pet dragon by her side, Cammie is spunky and and full life. I believe my daughter would relate to this character the best. If I win, it's going to stay on our shelf :)

  9. I really like Prncess Eve. I plan on giving this to my daughter, if I win.

  10. Who is Sara E? wasn't leaving a comment a mandatory first entry?

    1. her comment is in my email. it was marked as spam for some reason. Some comments are visible to me but not readers


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