Monday, September 9, 2013

My Liebster Award [*Bows Down* Thank you.. Thank you!]

Jon and I were on our way to get something for dinner earlier. I checked my emails on my annoying iPhone.. and... drumrollllllllllllllllllll... I was nominated for a Liebster Award! =) Since I am German... I knew immediately what Liebster meant. I thought to myself for a few minutes, what could this be? Then I seen what the award means! 
The Liebster, which means “dearest” in German, is a way for up-and-coming bloggers to demonstrate each others appreciation for what we do. It is very rewarding to see that people really enjoy and appreciate the work that goes into writing posts and the overall work and time that goes into blogging.
Now, I do take pride in what I do when it comes to my blog. I love for things to be neat, and links to be in certain places. I have came a LONG way since I started two years ago. I can see a huge difference in how I write my reviews as well. I like having more content that just a review too. I also love the interaction that I have with my readers/fans. Now, I wanted to thank Niki from Adventures Of A Midlife Mommy for thinking about me as one of the "nominees" for this award. It means a ton to me that she thought of The Small Things and likes my blog enough to give me an award! She is also the founder of Southern Mom Media as well! Check them both out! Now, you are probably wondering how this award works. Well, read about it below! 
1. Thank the person that nominated you and link to her blog. (Well yes, I did that above)
2. Answer your nominator’s ten questions! (Read More Below)
3. Share the love and nominate 10 other bloggers. (Read More Below)
4. Think up ten questions for your nominees. (Read More Below)5. Let everyone know you’ve nominated them! (Read More Below)
Now, Here are my nominator's questions that I am going to answer for her and all of you! =)
My Answers For Questions
1) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted a place to come and talk about things that I could not talk to others about. I also wanted to get into the whole review blogging topic. Little did I know, it was a hit and I love it!
2) What was your first post about?
My first post was about getting divorced and moving in with Jon. We talked about getting married. It was very personal and dear. READ HERE.
3) What is your proudest blog moment?
I have to say that my proudest blog moment was being awarded and being one of the top 50 Giveaway blogs of 2013. I really work hard on what I do and making my readers happy with the variety of reviews/giveaways.
4) One thing you wish you knew when you started blogging?
One thing that I wished I knew was DO NOT work for free. If a company asks you to write about them, ALWAYS, I DO MEAN ALWAYS request payment or a small post fee. You are worth more than that. 
5) One thing that makes you smile?
One thing that makes me smile is seeing how a reader can relate to a certain situation that I am in. It is great not being alone in a situation.
6) Thing you fear most in life?
Dying. I fear dying or another one of my kids dying. The loss of our daughter was the worst pain that I have ever been in.
7) A goal you've achieved lately you're really proud of?
Reaching 11k fans on Facebook is a goal that I am proud of. I also reached over 8k unique visitors a month. That is a milestone for me.
8) Best piece of advice you've ever received/given?
The biggest piece of advice that I have received would be not to worry about the small things because you should always enjoy the moment. Think about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. You never know how short life can be.
9) Favorite childhood memory?
My favorite childhood memory would be my papaw doing his pocket dance. Things have never been the same since he passed away. The family fell apart.
10) Favorite Holiday? Why?
My favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN! Why? I love spooky things. I am a horror FREAK! =)

The 10 blogs that I nominate for this award are-
Congrats ladies, I enjoy reading all of your blogs! Feel free to right click and save the award at the top of this post! Now, the 10 questions for all of you to answer on your award post!
1) What motivates you to blog?
2) What is one piece of advice you would tell a new blogger?
3) What is your favorite kind of food?
4) What is your biggest blogging WOW moment. ( Can be negative or positive)
5) How long have you been blogging?
6) What do you do to keep your readers coming back to your blog?
7) What is one of your pet peeves?
8) Is it buggy or cart where you are from?
9) What is your favorite genre of music?
10) The world is ending in two days, what will you do in those two days?
I am looking forward to reading all of your posts! Feel free to comment with your link if you want! Thank you again for my award!


  1. Congrats on your nomination, I recently started visiting daily and I do enjoy your blog and posts. What a fun way to recognize other bloggers.

  2. Congrats! I do hope you keep us posted on the outcome! (I know you will!)

  3. Congrats ! I like your blog, you seem such a nice person :)


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