Sunday, September 29, 2013

This year is going by too fast!

My husband and I woke up super early on Friday. Of course it was payday and he surprised me with Cracker Barrel! AH! I love that place. Anyways, I can always get sucked in when we go there. They have so many things to look at and of course, buy! They can be too expensive though! Looking around the place made me happy but yet sad in a way. This year has gone by too quick. 
 I was looking around and noticing the Holiday displays.When taking about my gift guide and reviewing items I knew the year was flying by but seeing this stuff made me realize it more.
I just love how beautiful everything is. This time of year is my favorite because the temperature is perfect and it is so pretty! Since it is easier to count the weeks, it has been 25 weeks since our loss and it honestly isn't getting any better. I don't want the time to DRAG by but knowing time has flown by like this sucks. I want to enjoy the holidays but knowing Aubrey is supposed to be here in our arms for her first Halloween and Christmas breaks my heart! I guess I will stop rambling now!


  1. I sometimes think about the baby that I lost that was never born and wonder what this little person would have been like. Then I just think about the two kids I do have and it helps.

  2. It is so true that the year is going by that I can not believe that tomorrow is October and Halloween is just around the corner. Already the Holidays will be here, but I like this time of year, I just do not like all the cold weather lasting for months. And I am truly sorry for your loss, and know that your little girl is an Angel!

  3. I also can't believe how fast it is going by - Halloween is coming up and before you know it it will be Christmas - ugh.


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