Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make Black Friday Shopping Easier With Find&Save!

Black Friday will be here before you know it! If you are like me, you are already trying to make a game plan and plan ahead. Where will you go? What will you find? I found a website that will make your Black Friday shopping a little less hectic and a little more enjoyable! Find&Save is the PERFECT website to help plan and maximize your shopping experience. They are the place to go to find the best Black Friday deals!  Find&Save allows you to research LOCAL sales, products and retailers in your area! You can also find deals that are perfect and important to you.You can also receive deal alerts! Pretty cool huh? I love how you can search categories as well. There is also an option to search weekly circulars, get grocery coupons and in store coupons. One important thing that I love- you can MAP store locations and create shopping lists. ONE THING a Black Friday Shopper needs to do! (PLAN AHEAD!) Did you know that according to a new Find&Save survey- 67 percent of shoppers not only research and map out a plan for Black Friday, but also have a different strategy each year based on where they will find the best deals? Check out this infographic! Are you a Night Owl vs. Early Bird Black Friday Shopper? Black Friday shoppers leaving their house before 5:00 AM, and the “Early Birds” – Black Friday shoppers leaving their house after 5:00 AM.
When it comes to Black Friday, I am an early bird. I am sorry but even though it is once a year, crowds can be CRAZY when sales start happening! I can completely relate to everything the infographic says for Early Bird Shoppers too!! It is so me! Here is a few things that the survey told Find&Save about Night Owl Shoppers and Early Birds.
  • The Night Owl shoppers are likely to get most of their holiday shopping completed – 63 percent typically complete more than half of their shopping on Black Friday, compared to 42 percent among the Early Bird shoppers leaving after 5 AM.
  • Overall, 53 percent of the Night Owls and 38 percent of the Early Birds said they “love it” when asked how they felt about Black Friday sales starting early on Thursday evening and extending through Sunday.
  • About 75 percent of Night Owls are shopping for electronics, compared to 60 percent of the Early Bird shoppers.
  • While both sets of shoppers are primarily interested in finding a great deal, 40 percent of the Night Owls said they enjoy the competition, vs. 24 percent of the Early Bird shoppers.
Some additional findings are that About 30 percent of Black Friday shoppers begin their holiday shopping after Halloween and About 50 percent of the shoppers surveyed spend between 3-5 hours shopping. What do you say? Are you going to use Find&Save this year to help you with your Black Friday Shopping? Tell me- Are you a Night Owl Shopper or an Early Bird Shopper? 
Be sure to visit Find&Save on their social media to stay up to date with the latest!They have mobile apps that you can download too!


  1. Great Infographic there are some interesting statistics I haven't been spending too much for Christmas the last few years. I did stand in a very long line on Black Friday to get a particular toy for my son last year.

  2. there is no way i will stand in a line at any store on black friday,i will give gift cards for christmas ...

  3. I will not be standing in any line or dealing with any crazy people on black Friday. I happen to know that prices are raised before Thanksgiving and then they are said to go on sale at the very same price that they used to be sold for. I know this because I used to work for a department store when cabbage patch dolls where the big thing. The dolls reg. price before Thanksgiving was 39.99 after Thanksgiving the reg. price was 49.99 and they went on sale for 39.99.


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