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Wet Ones® Sticky Situations Prize Pack Giveaway

 I don't know about you, but I am the "care -free" parent that would rather just let my kids have fun and clean it up later. Kids don't worry about cleaning up the mess or how they will get the ice cream out of little brothers hair..what about that first moment you let your baby dig into a bowl of spaghetti by themselves?  The bottom line is, all of our kids or friends kids have gotten into some Sticky Situations. Wet Ones®Antibacterial Wipes knows messes, too. We know you need a no-fuss cleaning routine that allows you to get back to having fun with your family. We know that,as smart parents, you’re always learning from one sticky situation to the next.
Reaching 300,000 classrooms, allows communities and parents to see what supplies educators need for various projects with students. Keeping classrooms germ-free is essential, and shouldn’t be costly for teachers. Besides new pencils, notebooks and classroom d├ęcor, teachers are often responsible for outfitting their classrooms with tissues and antibacterial wipes like Wet Ones®Antibacterial Wipes. Through their partnership Teacher and Wet Ones® Antibacterial Wipes have delivered 15,000 Wet Ones®products to classrooms to help teachers with daily sticky situations! Here, we’ve submitted stories from our Sticky Situations masters (our teachers) of how Wet Ones®Antibacterial Wipes help keep students and teachers ready for a day of engaging learning without unnecessary messes.
A few of our sticky situations! My First Birthday! Well yes, I was a cutie!
The very first time I handed my oldest son a PB & J sandwich. I went to the bathroom and came back to this! He was SO HAPPY! 
 My youngest daughter when she was a baby! The first time letting her loose with a jar of baby food in a bowl! Yes it was carrots! =) It was the very last jar of baby food too!
I have so much more of my other kids that I could share! Stacy DeBroff is the CEO and founder of Mom Central Consulting. Check out some tips on how families can extend summer fun well into the fall season!
  • Plan a Weekend Adventure: Family vacations often prove the highlight of the summer for many kids. So instead of fall weekends filled with errands and yard work, try to carve out day trips or weekend getaways and instill a fun summer vibe into your adventures. Go in search of an indoor water park, plan a family outing to a favorite lake or beach, and keep the BBQ grill going for fun dinners on the patio!
  • Host a Summer-Themed Get-Together: Take a breather from the hectic fall season and host a neighborhood get-together with a summer theme. Fire up the grill, enjoy a picnic potluck, and organize a backyard volleyball game. Or, for kids with fall birthdays, create a party with a summer flair — have kids wear tropical colors, decorate a cake with colorful flowers and palm trees, and offer beach balls as party favors.
  • Extend Play Time: The weeks start getting jam packed with homework and after-school activities that we sometimes forget to schedule down time for our kids. Whether it's play dates with school friends or running around the playground while the weather is still warm, incorporate fun activities for kids giving them breaks from their busy school routine. 
  • Create Summer Lunch Fun: Aside from packing sandwiches and fruits for lunch this fall, try surprising kids with some of their favorite meals that remind them of summer. Whether it's fresh watermelon slices, corn on the cob, BBQ sliders or even star spangled banner shaped cookies, children will get an awesome throwback of fun summer memories right in the cafeteria. 
  • Recognize That You’re Not Alone: Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned and we run into "sticky situations." Check out our Wet Ones’ eBooklet and learn from the wisdom and experience of fellow moms, as well as teachers, on life's back-to-school lessons.
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Wet Ones is giving one lucky winner a prize pack to win!! You can use this to help extend summer fun into the fall season! What will you win?
-Wet Ones products
-$20 Visa gift card 
-Colored pencils
The Rules: Winner must live in the Contiguous United States! Alaska and HI are excluded. Winner must respond to the winning email within 24 hours or another winner will be chosen. MUST enter on the giveaway tools correctly. Winner must be at least 18 years of age. Giveaway Ends 10/16! Enter with the giveaway tools below! Goodluck!

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  1. My memory is when my son got his first birthday cakes, he mashed it into his face with his hands.

  2. My son eating chocolate dipped stawberries at Golden Corral. he was covered with chocolate- just licked it all off the strawberries!

  3. I was doing an outdoor dance class last week and my kids where playing in the diret when I looked up to catch my 6 year old "shampooing" her 3-year old brother's hair with mud.

  4. caught him trying to cook eggs on the floor one day so gross but cute

  5. Finding my son eating peanut butter straight out of the jar with his hands on the kitchen floor!

  6. DD likes to mess up of berries, once I caught her using blueberries to color her face.

  7. I gave my daughter a bowl of spaghetti. What was I thinking!?

  8. My son got really messy while eating a cupcake.

  9. My son eating yogurt on his own when he was 2. Oh my gosh, what a mess!
    Jennifer Rote

  10. Of course, the #1 birthday cake is the fondest memory that comes back...covered in frosting!

  11. The first time I made strawberry jam with my niece she managed to knock over the entire pot of jam. Miraculously, neither of us got any one us.... but the kitchen was covered. Stove, counters, floor.... I swear I found little dried gobs of jam for the next two years!

  12. My son eating his first birthday cake!

  13. Eating wAtermelon with papaw at the picnic table. Watermelon juices running down our faces.

  14. Eating cotton candy at the fair.

  15. My daughter's favorite was spaghetti. It has been 23 years and she's still a mess when she eats it!

  16. My son got ahold of a jar of honey and poured the entire thing tho into one of those toys where you put the balls in and they roll out the bottom.

  17. My cousin used to make a mess all the time when he ate cake!

  18. First B-day party and their own chocolate cake in their highchairs all to themselves and a tradition in our family

    Jeana O'donnell-Murphy


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