Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turning A Fan From Ugly To Fab!

I am always searching for ways to be creative and make boring items in my home fun.  After racking my brain, I came up with this cute idea.
I have a USB desktop fan that was just boring to be honest. It is pink, but the blades are white and I wanted something a little cuter!  I used Bic Mark-It Permanent Markers and colored pastel lines on the blades. The lines are not perfect but you can't tell when it is turned on.

Placed the blades back on the fan and turned it on- and you see nothing but pretty rainbow bright fun!
You should try this with any fan! My poor husband is going to have rainbow fans all in our apartment when I get finished! You can get a cheap fan at the dollar store and do this and gift for Christmas too! This is completely inexpensive and fun! Get a fan and let the kids pitch in and make their own too!
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