Sunday, December 15, 2013

Choose Free Products and just give your feedback on them!

PINCHme is a revolutionary platform that is transforming the way leading brands interact with their consumers.  PINCHme is the best way to discover and discuss new products from the world’s leading brands, for free. We have created an online destination for PINCHme members to try new products, with no subscription costs attached. All we ask is that you tell us what you think!  PINCHme gives you the unique opportunity to discover new products and try them for free. It's simple - you choose a product from one of our leading brands, and we then deliver it to your home or workplace for free. 

But be quick, we’ll reserve the products in your box for a limited time, to ensure that everyone has a chance of receiving the available products. Once you've tried, tasted or touched the exciting products we offer, you can leave your feedback. Start pinching now!!  Join today!


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