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The black and white crib bedding- A new in thing for the little one!!

Having a baby fetches in many responsibilities and taking care of the ‘baby room’ is the first thing, which comes into consideration.
Therefore, when I was having a baby, my husband and I did a completely new research on the bedding we would get for our little one. Since it was the first time we were taking up such a responsibility, we had to be careful with the details and the types so that we get the perfect little thing for the new member of our family.

Safety of the baby
The first thing we had to keep in mind while getting the black and white crib bedding was, whether it is safe enough or not.
The main purpose of getting bedding is obviously just taking care of the security of the baby and ensuring that the little one does not fall off the crib. The size of the sheet actually matters because if the sheets are too loose, they might mess up in the toes of the baby and end up turning it. Therefore, I ensured that the mattress and the sheet are of just right size so that they do not end up being hazardous. The elastic corners should be tight and sturdy too, to ensure the safety. You must ensure that the beddings are new and the old ones are not repeated. I could not give my baby old bedding.

There are certain regulations and safety measures, which are set by the government and the new crib bedding, will meet the regulations. Besides, the fabric of the old bedding does not remain retardant for a longer time, so new sheets become very important. You must also ensure that the sheets are not worn out because they tend to go out at night, tangling in the feet of the baby. There are chances of the elastic bands breaking in the middle of the night if the sheets are worn out. The tiny little holes in the sheet can also come out to be dangerous and so, buying a new fresh bed sheets becomes a necessity.
Black and white crib beddings- The new colors for the season
We researched quite a lot on crib beddings and what we saw was the colorful Barbie-like cribs were replaced by the black and white ones. Gone are the days when people would prefer filling the baby’s room with colors and the crib would have most of the colors on it. These two colors have always been an ‘in’ thing as you call it. Several people think that it might end up looking a little dull, but there are textures and materials that give it a different look. The contrasting colors of the room and the geometric patterns of the flowers and other patterns added to it just add on to the beauty. The blacks and the whites are added with bright colors like, pink and red, look really pretty and classy at the same time. Pink and black would go best for a baby girl and red or blue with black will b the best for a baby boy. I was really excited about this whole idea of trying something different and classy with the baby room and looked up for several combinations that might help.

Comfort of the baby
Keeping aside all the looks of the baby crib, the comfort of the baby is also very important. I researched a lot on the mattresses and material of the bedding so that the baby lies comfortable there. After safety, comfort is the main reason why we are getting the crib anyway. The softness of the sheet matters a lot as it is directly related to comfort. A 200 or 400 tread count sheet would be the best option when it comes to choosing the sheet for the baby. The manufacturing process is another thing which is to be checked when you are buying one because the chemicals, dyes and the waving process plays an important role in determining the softness of the sheets. Therefore, I paid proper attention to that and checked the instructions given on the sheet before buying it. I could also get an idea about the softness of the sheet by touching it. There are certain sheets, which are specially made to reduce the allergic reactions that your child might have because of exposure to the lint or dust. They are the hypoallergenic fabrics that prevent such allergies.
Buying the best thing for our baby definitely took us a little long and we had to keep in mind several things. Even if you have to give it a lot of time, give it, because you cannot compromise with the safety and comfort of the baby. Until the time my little one was yet to be born, my husband and I researched a lot to get the best thing for our baby. The online research also helped a lot to give us ideas about the bedding and the quality of the mattress and the sheets. If you too want the best for you baby, it is always advised to choose the best by making your choices smartly.
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