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Never did you have to hunt through the jungle in hopes of finding gold. All the treasure you will ever need is here, within these nail ideas. As we paint gold to gold, we also develop a nice looking piece of art as we become artists and splatter paint on a canvas. We are not finding real gold to make us millionaires but we are discovering real elements gold, which should always shine! In Gold Nails, we’re taking it up a notch and bringing out the digging and appealing in shine appeal! Captain, slow down! We need to find gold!
The shine element is the number one aspect that can grab anyone’s attention because who is not captivated by shine? Any way, besides shine, I will share how this design can shine and even last longer. Firstly, required colored polishes needed are the color gold. And what else? Well, a clear polish over the basic layer. This design is also achieved with a layer of glitter polish over. After the basic layer has been coated twice with the color gold. Then layer on a clear polish then reunite more shine with a glitter polish at least less than three coats. Wear a clear polish everyday, which means layer on clear polish everyday on the nail’s surface of which there is a design. This allows long lasting results and even more shine! Oh my, gosh, you are so bright! What a good shine appeal.
I have chosen to incorporate the black and gold onto this design. Number one reason is because gold is our theme and numbers two, is because black can also match with anything, sort of. And the combination of these two champion colors tends to tell a story. Nail designs that tell a story are always much more special because there is an interest. Also apply a clear polish layer over the design, once dried. Now, use a pointy edge of a toothpick for straight line. We are going to use the aspect of square for this specific design. Next, use the color gold for the background coat, layer this twice. Then, using a toothpick, mark tiny squares on the nail’s surface. Wait until dried then apply a clear polish over this design. Remember, to be extra patient. Almighty Queen, you are shining so incredibly bright with those squares on your nails!
One required color for this design has involved gold. Choose another color that is light and not too dark. The basic coat should be layered in gold with two coats, at least. Make sure not to use too much polish, by the way. Now, after the basic coat has been dried, with the other chosen color, mark straight thin lines across the nail. Or the straight lines can also go upwards and downwards. Use a pointy edge, such as a toothpick for straight lines and be patient. Afterwards, apply a glitter polish over this design for more captivation of interest for you to display. What a blast, you are really showing off a piece of gold!
Personally, I am interested in this design most, for our theme in this blog. Art is a calming hobby that relaxes the mind and brings out the creative juices to flow. Use the colors gold, white and yellow. This combination of colors is unique because they all work well together. Not all colors are good together. Firstly, layer approximately two coats of the colored polish gold then after this motion, wait until completely dried then splash a dribble of the colors yellow and white. This should appear as if someone threw this splash of color onto the canvas. Next, paint over a clear polish and even add a glitter polish for more attractive shine. What a fabulous job, my golden Queen!
Gold Nails are the theme for this design as well, because dots and gold are almost alike. For instance, the goal is to reach gold and treasure to hunters. For this design, marking dots on our nails is the goal because it appoints gold and treasure! So for the start of this golden design, choose the colors gold and white. The background layer, also known as the basic layer should be in the color gold. Once dried, paint tiny and medium- sized dots on the nail surface. Make sure there are space in-between the dots so that the nail does not appear overloaded. Add a nice glitter polish over this design as well to catch an audience’s attention. Also note that other colors can be used with this gold color to develop a nice combination. I always suggest using a light color with a dark color so that there is a perfect balance.
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