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Monster Jam fun for the family!

My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to attend Monster Jam this past weekend in Nashville. We received tickets in return for a feature here on my blog. I was stoked because I had never been to Monster Jam before. The arena was filled with families and I noticed a ton of dads taking their sons. It was cute to see! I was bummed when we got there an hour and a half early and Party In The Pits was sold out. One of the most exciting ways to get close to the stars of the show– the Monster Jam® trucks - is at the pre-show Party in the Pits. This pre-show experience provides event goers with unparalleled access by allowing them onto the actual racetrack where they can meet the drivers, get up close to the Monster Jam trucks, collect their autographs, take photos and explore the obstacles they’ll jump over and eventually destroy! The Monster Jam Pit Party is truly the ultimate experience for any Monster Jam fan, and provides unprecedented access to the stars of the show in a way that you can’t find in any other family entertainment touring property on the planet.  We still had a blast. Trucks that were there were :  
Grave Digger
Grave Digger® was developed in the early ‘80s originally as a  truck. Often referred to by the fans as simply Digger®, it has since transformed into one the most recognizable Monster Jam®trucks in the world. Grave Digger has four Monster Jam World Finals championships under its belt and just celebrated its 30thAnniversary in 2012.  this four-time Monster Jam World Champion’s mystique is the famous paint scheme on the side of the truck, which includes eerie ghosts, green flames, a creepy haunted house and even tombstones of competitors it has defeated as well as the signaturered headlights that always make the competition aware that Grave Diggers is in the house.
Named after its driver, Madusa® continues to take the Monster Jam® world by storm. In 1999, Madusa, a multi-year world champion in WCW and WWE wrestling events, decided to add Monster Jam to her long list of achievements. With her trademark determination, Madusa rose to the top in 2004 by winning her first Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship. The following year, she completed her trophy quest by being named the Monster Jam World Finals Racing Champion.
 Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter has been chasing down competitors since 1996 when Jimmy Creten decided to buy his very own Monster Jam® truck. With a robotics degree behind him and years of experience as an engineer, Creten was able to give Bounty Hunter the competitive edge it needed to stand out amongst the other Monster Jam trucks. Creten even took Bounty Hunter to the final four in every attempt during his 5 year tenure at the Monster Jam World FinalsSM. Then in 2005, Jimmy lived out a dream by capturing Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship. Creten is also the proud owner of two other Monster Jam legends – Scarlet Bandit and Iron Outlaw. Look for all three to be as fast as any Monster Jam truck on the track!
 Captain America
Captain America debuted at Monster Jam® in 2012, but the first comic book appearance of the “Super Solider” dates back to World War II when “Captain America #1” was released in March of 1941. The Captain America comic book character is noted for endurance, strength, and reaction time, all of which translate to the Captain America Monster Jam truck. Veteran Chad Fortune, who built his driving career most notably behind the wheel of Power Forward and SupermanTM, was tabbed to drive Captain America beginning with that 2012 debut. A former pro football player and wrestler, Fortune is one of the sport’s largest physical presences, a natural fit for the Captain America team with the comic character officially listed as standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 240 pounds. After thrilling Monster Jam fans with another exciting freestyle performance, Fortune, like the comic book character, brandishes a red, white, and blue shield, the only weapon used by Captain America in Marvel Comics. Fortune then usually gives one of his Captain America Monster Jam fans that replica shield as the ultimate souvenir from the Super Soldier of Monster Jam.
 Grave Digger The Legend
While the legend of Grave Digger® started in 1982, Dennis Anderson created the first Grave Digger Monster Jam® truck in 1986 by adding 66” truck tires. The second generation Grave Digger had a 1951 Ford panel. Anderson made it his own with a distinctive blue and silver paint job and included the logo for Currituck Grain Co., which is the company he was working for at the time. This newly evolved Grave Digger was nicknamed “The Legend” from inception and since then, the Grave Digger legacy has lived up to expectations. March 2010 marked the resurrection of this iconic vehicle when Anderson’s eldest son, Adam, debuted Grave Digger The Legend® to the delight of the sold-out crowd during an encore performance at the Monster Jam World Finals. Grave Digger The Legend is a replica of the 1986 version of the Grave Digger Monster Jam truck and is now a Monster Jam fixture. Grave Digger the Legend continued its streak of greatness by winning the 2013 Monster Jam World FinalsSM Racing Championship which gave Adam his second Monster Jam World Finals championship after piloting Taz to a World Freestyle Championship in 2008. In 2014, Grave Digger The Legend will be getting its first makeover since its inception in 2010. Look out for the brand new purple themed truck that will be looking to defend its Monster Jam World Finals championships.
Predator is known for being one of the first custom concept Monster Jam® truck bodies. The actual feline body wasn’t introduced to Monster Jam until 1992, but the name has been running with Allen Pezo, owner since 1988. A veteran of Monster Jam, Pezo knows a thing or two about Monster Jam trucks especially since he started competing in 1983. Pezo runs three Monster Jam trucks from his shop near Nashville: Predator and sister Monster Jam trucks called Prowler and Pouncer. All three felines can be spotted at Monster Jam events around the country.
Prowler, kept in the feline category, is just like Predator, but the paint job is of a tiger instead of a black panther. In 1998, Allen Pezo designed Prowler from all new components including the frame. All three of Allen's Monster Jam® trucks can be found at Monster Jam events around the country.
Scarlet Bandit
In 2003, Scarlet Bandit had a photo finish run with Monster Jam® World FinalsSM Champion Tom Meents and Max-DSM at the Minneapolis Metrodome. From then on, Scarlet Bandit was a force to be reckoned with. The Monster Jam® truck captured the racing title two years in a row in Phoenix. The driver of Scarlet Bandit, is Dawn Creten - one of only a handful of women in Monster Jam. Dawn has been driving since 1997. Before then, she was out saving lives as an army medic. Today, she is still dominating the world of Monster Jam while raising three young daughters. At the 2008 Monster Jam World Finals, Dawn put together one of the best freestyle runs ever seen… only to be edged out by the eventual World Freestyle Champion Taz Monster Jam truck driven by Adam Anderson.
 The night took off with the Monster Jam Wheelie contest. Each Monster Jam driver had two opportunities to point the nose of their 10,000 lbs truck straight up to the ceiling at the Bridgestone Arena. The top three spots were separated by 3 points, and it made for a close battle, but Carl Van Horn and Grave Digger took the win!

 Scores as seen below from Friday, 1/3/14
Grave Digger - 23
Bounty Hunter - 22
Grave Digger The Legend - 21
Scarlet Bandit - 18
Captain America - 18
Madusa - 17
Predator - 16
Prowler - 15
Then, we jumped into Monster Jam Racing. The road to the Monster Jam World Finals XV started here, and current Monster Jam Racing Champion Adam Anderson and The Legend won the Monster Jam Championship Round by defeating a very win-hungry Jimmy Creten.

Round One:
Grave Digger The Legend beat Prowler
Captain America beat Madusa
Bounty Hunter beat Predator
Grave Digger beat Scarlet Bandit
Grave Digger The Legend beat Madusa
Bounty Hunter beat Grave Digger
Monster Jam Championship Race
Grave Digger The Legend beat Bounty Hunter
 There was also a  Monster Jam Donut Competition.  Madusa and Bounty Hunter both ended up flipping over. Dawn Creten and Scarlet Bandit showed everyone how it's done, taking the victory, scoring a 20 from the judges. 
 Something awesome was Megasaurus! This fire breathing dino crushed and ate a car! 
There was also a golf cart with a jet engine on it!!! SO NEAT!
The night ended with Monster Jam Fox Sports Freestyle. I do wish Freestyle lasted longer. It was fun to see! Each  Monster Jam driver is given 60 seconds, with 15 seconds bonus time. And the action was as close as it could get, with the top five trucks being five points apart. Adam Anderson and Grave Digger The Legend Doubled-Down, winning the Monster Jam Fox Sports Freestyle with a 25.
Freestyle Scores 1/3/14:
Grave Digger The Legend - 25
Grave Digger - 24
Bounty Hunter - 23
Captain America - 22
Madusa - 20
Predator - 19
Scarlet Bandit - 17
Prowler - 12
Some fun facts that I wanted to share with all of you! A typical Monster Jam® track build by the numbers:
-100,000 sq feet of plastic and 6000 sheets of plywood in two layers cover the grass
-7,500 tons of dirt (300 truck loads)
-1,500 man hours to build and remove track from beginning to end
-1,500 gallons of fuel to fuel the machinery
-1,200 feet of banners to dress the track
-500 man hours to install and remove the plastic and plywood field cover
-72-130 hours for the entire construction cycle from field to race track and back to field. The total time depends on the type of field being covered.
-30 gallons of paint to paint obstacles and track
-30 dump trucks used, 25 crush cars, 20 pieces of heavy machinery
-18 hours to paint logos and designs on track and obstacles
-8-10 Dirt Crew members
-6 dumpsters used as safety barriers (could be up to 40 in certain stadiums) 4 crush vans (and 2 larger obstacles (buses) depending on track .
That is a WHOLE lot of work to make this possible for the fans! That is for sure!! Monster Jam events are designed to be affordable for the entire family.Fans can usually take advantage of special offers for discounted ticketsat most Monster Jam events Be sure to visit Monster Jam online for more information and to see when and where there is an event near you! Monster Jam events take place year-round, with the majority of events taking place from January through March! Be sure to follow Monster Jam on their social media to stay up to date with the latest! Don't forget, hashtag #MonsterJam if you are attending an event to share your pictures! You can also start collection Monster Jam Hot Wheels too! Check out the list!
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*Disclaimer: The Small Things was provided with complementary tickets to make this post possible. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others*


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