Monday, March 17, 2014

My top 5 favorite nail art designs that I have done! #‎DDDivas‬ ‪#‎HauteMamas‬

I am participating a Hot Picks from Haute Mamas- Top 5 anything post! Last year, I went on a spree of sharing my nail art on my blog. (here) I share more often on my Instagram account but I do plan to start sharing more here! I do review nail polish from time to time- you can see those reviews under my reviews tab above! It is my dream to become a Nail Tech one day. Aside from blogging, nail art and nail polish is my passion. I am wanting to share with you my top 5 favorite nail art designs that I have ever done. I thought this was a great way to get my nail art back out there and share this other side of myself with my readers. Check it out! 
  • My favorite nail art of all time that I did for an Instagram "Black and White" Themed Contest was this Nightmare Before  Christmas Inspired Mani! It took 3 hours and a ton of patience!
  • My second favorite nail art that I did was for another Instagram Contest- It was a spaced theme contest. This did not take long. I used a sponge for the majority of it.
  • Another favorite of mine would be my Halloween Nails. I did a zombie theme. It was inspired by The Walking Dead. I love how messy it is. 
  • I love how dainty these nails are. The colors are perfect. This was when I was learning how to do toothpick roses for nail art. I love the colors that I used here.
  • My last picture ( trust me I could share all day if I wanted to) would be my Alice In Wonderland inspired nails!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the detail of these nails. I did these and the nails I posted first in the same night. 
There ya have it,my top 5 favorite nails that I have done on myself! Check out the links below for the other #‎DDDivas‬ ‪#‎HauteMamas‬ that are linking up! Be sure to keep checking throughout the day to see them all! Thanks for reading!


  1. The Walking Dead nails! I love them -- and now I want to experiment with my own nails.

  2. I really like the space themed nails. I can't even paint my nails straight much less make're very talented!

  3. Those dainty nails are perfect for spring. So fun.

  4. Wow that is incredible! I can't paint my nails an single color without making a major mess!!

  5. Pretty neat! I wish I had the patience to get my nails this pretty!! =) I love the Black and White themed one!!

  6. Fun! I rarely do anything with my nails. :)


  7. Those look awesome! I can barely paint one color without messing it all up lol


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