Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Pet Shopping With Petco!

If you have never been to Petco, you are missing out! They have so many products to offer for animals of all kinds. I specifically love their dog products. With a wide selection of products ranging from fun toys and comfy pet beds, to cat litter, aquatic supplies and more, the Petco brand has something fit for every pet. Petco: it's the name you trust and the quality you demand, all for a great value. If you need it- they have it! Recently I was able to receive some new Spring Items for review! I was excited because Max loves being spoiled!
This first item that Max loved is this cute Petco Together Time Tug & Pull Hearts on a Rope! 
 It is bigger than he is but he doesn't let that intimidate him at all! He chews and drags it all over the apartment! Each heart has a squeaker inside of it for him to enjoy! We love a good game of tug! He also loved his Petco Nubby Sour Lemon Dog Toy
It is so soft and plush! You can find it for only $3.99 at Petco too! It also has a squeaker inside of it! He loves dragging and slinging this toy around. Another favorite that Max loves is the 3 peas in a pod toy!

 At first, Max was a bit weird about playing with it. Each pea can be popped out but stays attached to the pod. The pod has this crunchy bag sounding paper inside of it to make noise and each pea has a squeaker inside of it! They are COMPLETELY adorable with their little facial expressions! Want it? You can find it at Petco for only $5.99! Max also loved his Greenies treats!
 He received two of them, one in Petite and one in Teenie.
The Petite treat was gone before you knew it. He gobbled that right up in a jiffy! They have a chewy texture, Easy to digest & Cleans teeth, freshens breath! You can find Greenies at Petco near you in different varieties. Prices vary.
The last item that Max received was this adorable outfit! Max also received this Petco Wag-a-tude White Bunny Face Dog Hoodie. I have to say that it is ADORABLE!
 All though it is too big for him, I still caught a great picture. He was very cooperative at first.. I mean see how cute?
 And then.... He wasn't... MOM GET IT OFF!! If looks could kill..

You can find this adorable outfit for $19.99 at Petco! Overall, we love the items that we received from Petco! We have always been customers and will continue to be! Visit your local Petco to purchase these items, check them out to find other products they have to offer. You can also visit Petco  on their social media below! Thanks for reading!
Have you been to Petco? You will love it there!
*Disclaimer: The Small Things received these items from Petco to facilitate this review. All thoughts are my own and may differ from others*


  1. LOL, oh goodness, reminds me of my daughter with her pomeranian and she hates it when my daughter puts clothes or costumes on her. My daughter has gone there, of course, her dog even has a few Halloween costumes, velvet dresses for Christmas, you name it. You two are a lot alike with your furbabies

  2. I love shopping at Petco. They have some really unique items as well as very needed items.

  3. Petco is my favorite place to shop for pet items. I purchase all of my dog toys, treats and food at their store.

  4. I shop at Petco too. Get my dog food there. This past Christmas there was a big sale and for $15 I got a dog bed, a bag of treats, and a stocking full of toys for my toy poodle.

  5. I love how creative they're getting with the toys now. I've seen Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Disney, Peeps, etc. The little pea toy is not only adorable, but it looks like it provides multiple stimuli. Perfect for any dog. That costume couldn't be any cuter.


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