Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Electronic Cigarettes- The New Alternative To Traditional Smoking Today!

You have seen them in public, you have seen them online and in stores. Electronic cigarettes are the new alternative to smoking. I don't know about you, but regular cigarettes make me completely nauseated smelling smoke. Not only do they make you stink- they turn your teeth yellow, your nails yellow, your clothes smell awful and they are expensive. I have seen people get up in the middle of a movie just to go smoke. With these, you can stay and watch your movie without disturbing others. If you have kids this is also a great alternative because regular cigarettes have harmful second hand smoke. If you are stressed and feel the urge, your electronic cigarette can cure your craving without having to leave the little one unattended.  When you purchase and use ecigs, you can eliminate all of the negatives that come with traditional cigarettes.

There are several kinds of electronic cigarette products. You have your vaporizer pens and you have your traditional electronic cigarettes that look like regular cigarettes. The vaporizer pen allows you to add your own special dry blends, oils, and waxes. You can purchase flavors of your choice to add in them. Electronic cigarettes have nicotine-based liquid already in them that is vaporized and inhaled simulating the experience of smoking tobacco.

If you are looking to purchase one or the other, has all of your ecig needs. You can purchase products and satisfy your craving where traditional cigarettes are not allowed. If you are new to the experience you can check out these electronic cigarette kits as well as this vapin plus liquid vaporizer pen. If you smoke regular cigarettes, you can take the first step toward a new experience. You can save so much money switching! The average smoker can spend up to $2500 in regular cigarettes a year. If you switch you can spend about $900 a year. That is a huge difference if you ask me. What do you say? Are you thinking about switching Let us know! Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: This blog does not make claims about this product being a healthy alternative to smoking or as a tool for stopping smoking. Clicking on any link in this post is at no cost to you*


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